My Renoise songs on soundclick

hi ! you can find my Renoise songs at the following link :; thanks for your comments.


This thread already exists right here.

Nice elevator music! Too calm for my taste, but I appreciate its compositions. Very 80s, also has a touch of demoscene vibes, nice choice of instruments, nice melodies, nice groove. Unfortunately everything sounds a little bit flat because of the quality of the MP3s of only 160 kbps. It would sound much better in an appropriate quality, but on the other hand you’re offering free downloads so it’s absolutely understandable why you’re not going for at least 224 kbps or even the nowadays standard of 320 kbps. Anyway, you’re a very good musician and yoiur music should be heard by more people. As @Jek already wrote in your mirror thread you should post your music here if you would like to get more feedback. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

thanks for your appreciation! the page is constantly updated and I hope to reach an increasingly large community of listeners! good listening!

Very smooth and professionally sounding, quite enjoyable. Possibly not the most imaginative tunes, but not all music needs to reinvent the wheel to be good.