My Renoise Tutorial On Youtube

Hi all,

Inspired by Kaneel, I’ve also a made tutorial :D
This tutorial is on the general song workflow, ie on how I work ;)

Workflow Tutorial

I wish there was a way to zoom on the screen because you cant actually see much and it sure isnt easy to make it fit in 10 minute chunks (i’ve still got to upload part II).
Anyway, hope you like it! :)

Damn, it’s been awhile! Nice to see you, Cel! Gotta check your tracking style out, I’m sure it’s gonna useful even for L. Howlett :D

if you use camtasia you can zoom into the screen, dunno how it works myself but I’ve seen it happen.

With Camtasia you can zoom and pan onto certain areas and bring them to front.
With the other programs i don’t know.

btw, copy and continues paste (ctrl p) in two strikes is easier than pasting something several times.

I like the video! It really shows how fast you can put a beat together in Renoise.

BTW, you can upload longer videos on Google Video. And since Google bought YouTube they’re closely connected. For example, when you search for a video in GV it shows the YT vids as well. The opposite doesn’t happen (yet), but it might in the future.

Very nice inspirational tutorial!

I thought it was a really nice thing to show the keyboard.
Though at times it hides what you are doing.

Also it´s more of a demonstration than a tutorial, because beginners or people who don’t Renoise won’t be able to see what you are doing.

Though videos like that will definatly help sell Renoise.

Great work!

Glad you like it! I’m planning on making more but I have to experiment with camtasia a little, that zoom in function is vital.

Also splajn is right, it really sucks that the webcam is on the dsp area :confused:

vvois : your not the first to make that remark, in fact Taktik and many others already have, it’s just that I’ve been doing copy past like since … ehm many years, I guess old habits die hard ;)

Nice video. Look forward to seeing more.

Checked out as well. Great stuff! :)

Great stuff neil. Give us more!

Also a great opportunity (for me as dev) to see how others use the shortcuts/interface.