My Samples Continue To Play...

…after a key has been pressed. Why is this happening? This has only started recently, and not all the time. I’m sure it’s something obvious I’ve missed, but I can’t seem to work it out! I have made sure that the volume envelope is off and that the sample is not set to ‘continue’.

Go on put me out of my misery and make me feel stupid :)

Go to the Instr. Settings rack and in the Sample Properties change loop to “none” instead of forward :]

It’s not set loop it’s on ‘none’ like you say!



check if your notes stick on the keys in the instrument editor view.
if so, you maybe have to search for your problem outside Renoise.
faulty keyboard? broken midi kabel? some sort…

Check Configs -> MIDI for “Record noteoffs”

That’s the one! Cheers boss.

Thanks to everyone else that helped :)

p.s. I just ordered Renoise :yeah:

no problem :)