My Soundcloud

Since the release of the 2.7 beta, I’ve been on it almost every day producing. I do a lot of relaxed dubstep. I hope you guys enjoy the work. So here’s the link.

you can embed the soundcloud player through putting the link of a song between the media tags : ```


about this particular track; it got all the elements from the formula, you just need to find a way to make it your own, give it some character imo, to have it stand out from being another generic wobble track. No offense, the kids might like this on the dance floor and I'm old, so what do I know? :-) Process the sounds some more, automate dsp's/effects. Good luck.

Yeah, the problem is the stuff I do, I highly doubt those kids will want to dance too. I plan on going through all the tracks I find worthy and redo all the processing. Every track I’m learning something new too, so it’s almost like a progression.

Also, thanks for the advice on embedding the player.

Regarding the topic title…
You mean like this sticky:?

Here we call them “Pinned”