My Suggestions To Improve Workflow

I’ve been logging some hours in Renoise and, based on small annoying tracking related experiences, I have the following 3 suggestions I would like to make.

1) Current Pattern Name Should Appear at Top

There’s a big empty space at the top that could be used for the pattern name. It’s sometimes annoying to try to figure out what pattern you are working on based on the number or looking in the off-center of a bunch of patterns for highlighting that isn’t obvious enough to immediately distinguish from the others.

2) Track name/Number Should Be Visible in Track DSP

Unless you are in “Track Scopes mode” or willing to look at the mess that is the hexadecimal mayhem in the center of your screen, there is no easy way to know what track you are working on when manipulating the DSP. I don’t know where you could put the name, but it would make life easier if you could see it in the same screen real-estate as the Track DSP.

3) Master & Send Scopes Should Have Different Colors

For big projects it gets increasingly difficult to count, from right to left, which pattern you are working on. The more sends you have, the more confusing it gets to immediately know what scope represents what. Different colors for the master and the sends would make it easier to know what is what.

I whole-heartedly agree with everything you just wrote.

I agree except no.1 … see no sense why the current pattern should be on the top of the sequencer - and if it’s at the top it’s a disadvantage that previous patterns are hidden

I don’t like the sequencer scrollbar at the moment because it’s not very handy

Yeah, really good suggestions! I agree except #1 too. Showing the current track in another color would imo be better (maybe this is already possible?).

I would agree to all of your statements. The empty space could be used for displaying the pattern name (although I never used named patterns ;) )

oh - no i see … that’s ok … but not necessary in my opinion … the current pattern can be recognized well in the sequence screen.

Speak for yourself, I can never see it fast enough.