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Okay, i have two projects. Velvet Acid Christ in which i’ve used cubase over the years all forms pre audio and post audio. And Toxic Coma which came first, and i was using pro audio sculpture on the atari ste. then migrated to fast tracker on the pc. now to renoise. I do all the music in this now.

What iam finding is that the sound quality of renosie blows it all away. And honestly, i want to use it for vac which is my money maker project. what i hate about cubase is the sound quality, then the bad midi timing with external hardware… i have no idea how good renoise is at external midi. But i love my old analog synths, i would love to record them into renoise and loop them. but i need strong tight midi, and recording…

if some how renoise does this. i will dump everything else.

my only other complaint is that i prefer 64th note midi grid. renoise lacks that as well…i wonder if syncing a rs7000 to renoise and recording with renoise will fix my prblems… this would simply rule…

My brother’s really into your band!

Yeah I use mostly old analog gear so MIDI timing’s been the most important important thing for me…

There is this issue with the MIDI triggering stuttering every 7 or 8 steps or so, which was a huge problem, so I ended up having to work between Logic and Renoise for a long time - Logic’s the only sequencer I’ve used on the PC which seems to have really tight MIDI timing.

But, the fix for Renoise seems to involve turning the latency right down and using it with direct sound rather than ASIO… If you can get the latency right down the stuttering pretty much disappears, but you’ve got to make do without multi-outs and keeping it light on processing…

There’s also this issue with note retriggering - if I program an arpeggio with 16th notes on my Virus, everytime you retrigger the same note it’s kind of random as to whether it’ll retrigger or not - I’m guessing because the note on and note off events are too close together… This affects monosynths or synths in mono mode - found it wasn’t an issue as long as I kept everything in poly mode…

I can get by now using Renoise for drum parts and samples, and triggering 4 or 5 ext synths playing strings, basses, etc. but I do run into timing problems if I want to use the Akai or Emu and use a lot of drum tracks… But Renoise’s sound quality is so close to the Akai that it’s not really a problem.

You can use 64 note grids by changing the speed setting and line spacing and things - I think Aaron Funk’s using it on a 64 (or maybe 128!?) note grid.

EDIT: yeah, from the sound of it, the next version of Renoise should allow me to do away with Logic and SX altogether - can’t wait!

Heh, yeah, i hope the next one really tightens stuff up and gets audio recording in there. i’d love to ditch all other daws.


we’re #1:

so happy :)

I use Renoise for external midi on my analogue sythns and it’s f*cking tight. This program is a God-send.

J Swift is not one to be listened to in anything other than a very light measure.

Something of an Internet mash-up artist.

Anyhoo… Renoise midi timing is getting better with every release, so its all good.

The listener never ever thinks of such things anyway, or course.

Holy shit… VAC using Renoise would pwn… any idea if Nivek’s tried Renoise yet hexfix93? :P

Been getting really into VAC lately!

Also, do hope they won’t mind me saying, but Autechre have been getting quite into Renoise I hear

the legend is back

u taking the piss J Swift?

Last time I went to a concert with AE they were performing with Elektron equipment, but you never now…read on

I’m sure autechre, like any other good experimental act, use anything they get their hands on

… in fact they mention trackers in that article … “If you for example use a tracker as a sequencer, your tracks might reflect that in un-obvious ways”

… “The machinedrum is also the tightest sequencer we’ve got in here, apart from trackers and our Atari”