My Thoughts On Priority For Next The Versions

There are tons of suggested improvements for the next version of Renoise
almost all of them are great.

But this are what I think is the most basic
new features which I think would add the most, and take Renoise to the next level.

And there are only 3 things which I think is needed to make Renoise go
more Pro.

These are new features that you cannot do or that has got no good work around. They are not small improvements to make Renoise easier to use, like drag and drop or better looking.

  1. Midi import/export Because for this there are no good workaround.
  2. Quantize -Its very useful and should be a basic feature.
  3. Record in sample editor (and Undo)- All Pro software are able to record while working on the song.

The next weak thing is probably the arranger.

Just my 2 cents

I have a small but longwinded workaround for MIDI-import. Load MIDI-file into MODplug, save song as XM, and then load it into Renoise ;) A workaround that works pretty well till we get real import. It works in emergency situations but is not very usefull when you have thousends of Groove Control-MIDI-patterns though ;)