My Tracks On Soundcloud

I dont know how many psytrance fans are on here, but Id definitely appreciate any feedback and criticism. The set on the link is my most recent work, in descending chronological order.

The currently untitled track is my newest one, Ive gotten some good comments about it from psytrance forums, interested to see what Renoisers say. :D

:panic: :drummer: :walkman: :guitar: :blink:

I Think you ROCK dude ! I love everything about Trance :yeah: Keep´em´coming !!!

New mixdown, mastered

:rolleyes: :walkman:

I think in that mixdown the synths and bass sound really overpowering to the kick, so i never get the feeling the song gets going…but maybe that has to do with me liking hard(er) kick drums kicks :lol:

Because the synths (and samples?)seem to have really a lot of (low-end)energy so to have a tame kick for contrast could make sense in some way… But then again i don’t feel that way for example about track “yellow planetary warrior”… So u might want to look at that :)

ehi, that’s good!
I’m a psytrance fan too…
btw: are you mudpeople also on isratrance?

edit: I can’t listen at a good volume right now :) but tomorrow I’ll listen to all of your music, of course!


ok I’ve listened to all your tracks on soundcloud!!

my favourites: “see creatures”, “live crab vending machine”, “entangler”, “cosby moments”, but the other tracks are good as well :)

It’s nice to hear some good psytrance written in renoise!

By the way, although I can fairly say I’m quite an “advanced” renoise user (I use it since version 1.5 or so) I’ve never written an entire psytrance track with it (a lot of nice loops, but never an entire track).
Listening to your music has inspired me a lot!

If you want we can keep in touch and maybe exchange some rns, ideas, and so on… ;)


New tracks/versions sounding really nice :walkman:

Not a big psytrance fan but I can seriously dig this!