My very first Renoise module

Hello Trackers, this is my first Renoise module.

Wanted to learn about these new ‘devices’ I’ve never used them before,
and am very interested in the concept.

Would normally use single-cycles waveforms to create synth sounds but
decided here to try to learn the way these powerful new tools operate.

The music style is, umm experimental i guess, not my usual gabber timbre for sure.
The unmastered version is attached below, it is 139Kb.

Jek_deviceTest_01.xrns (139.5 KB)

I’d like to thank the community here for providing tips and tricks and videos
and all sorts of guidance which has helped me to learn Renoise.


Nice work! Next you’ll try the comb filters and make ambient pads for days!

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Thanks for checking out the module : )

Hahaha, it’s funny you mention ambient, cause when i heard the sound
those synth-device-things made that was my initial feeling…
“these’ud make good ambient synths”.

Appreciate the feedback, looking forward to doing more Renoise.
It’s so fun and powerful…

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Yes, it is fun stuff using Renoise as a modular synthesizer. Incredibly powerful. And rudely killed my dream of having a physical modular system. When I realized that I put tons of ADSRs and LFOs on stuff in Renoise at no cost… But in the real world I’d have to buy them all.

Anyways, good stuff.

Ps. Yup, comb filters lead to pads. Add a bit of modulation, some reverb and delay. Oops, 20mintues have passed and all you did was play some chords listening to the sound of the pads. They are a time sink. For me anyway. :smile:

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Hi @eretsua, glad you checked out the module and really appreciate the reply.

I’ve also held off buying several synths over the years cause the ones I have
bought are by far less productive and interesting for me when compared to

Thanks also for the tip about comb filters, ive just stumbled across the
lower section of the modulation page with LOTS of very interesting
modulation sources for a whole new variety of things; this now
goes quite a bit further than the standard volume & panning
envelopes im used to.

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A quick tip (if you are not already aware.) Maybe doesn’t so much apply here but you are using FX chains with some of your instruments. From the Renoise manual:

“Renoise only: Much like plugins, instruments that make use of sample FX Chains can only be played in a single track at a time.”

Just a tip if you use a FX chain instrument in multiple tracks and wonder why you can get the instrument not sounding/cutting out unexpectedly.

Hi @4tey,

Appreciate the tip, this helps.
Totally noticed something ‘fishy’ was going on with the polyphony while writing this.

At one point I realized that “hey maybe ive got to do note columns” but that restriction
didn’t seem to be the way to go at that stage of the song and nearly the ditched device-
based instruments for a hand drawn chip which works perfectly normally.

So, decided to make more device based instuments, making sure the instrument numbers
were not overlapping which was a chore but kinda no big deal so went with it that way.

Now that you mention it, near the end of writing, I put on some instrument FX chains
on the drums to get a bit more variation on the hits; it did not dawn on me to check
for overlaps on those.

Turns out its an excellent tip, will help for sure; thank you :slight_smile:

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No trouble :slight_smile:

As a little afterthought… From the audible notes of ‘Synth Bus’ I would’ve simplified it (pattern 0 in the example below) and tried to set up a groove/arp from them (pattern 1).

Jek_deviceTest_02.xrns (44.6 KB)

Wow a real chiptune version :slight_smile: this is so great; Thanks so much for this!

Really cool stuff the way you are combining the 0xx 4-track style arp with
some of these more modern device effects …sounds awesome, kind of
like a chiptune with just a slight touch of modern tech… so phat, dig it.

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