My Vsti Sorted In A Word .doc Table

Hi there!

I was thinking for a long time how to help myself finding right VST visually after thousands tested and installed and I think I find something that could help me [and you] in sorting and quick finding VST instrument name based on a snapshot image of a VSTi and short description on two tables…

So last night I finished creating test page in Word .doc and wanted to create smaller file to convert Word2PDF… Unfortunatelly I was unlucky to find non commercial, freeware stuff for quick editing, so I found free print-2-pdf driver [as I can`t export to PDF from Word by default]…

Im sorry but print-screen images of VST's are in their default size and printing to pdf file resulted very big file ![:(]( There is other option -> to export as .PS file [or EPS?] with some other driver and then I could create smaller PDFs [with more compressed images]. Until I do this, Ill point you to check my file, it might be helpful to you too. I`ll later post [when finish everything] a Word doc so you can also add your VST images [CTRL+PrintScreen does printscreen of only selected window] and paste it to a Word table [TAB does adding new table].

Here`s file to download for now [~10mb]:…-version0.1.pdf

or shorter file-name link:

This is how it should help me finding the right VSTi [I`m creating VST effects stuff, installed for use with ReNoise], and if you can think a better idea, plz let me know! :)

Small PDF Preview:

All best,

Btw, OpenOffice’s Writer (~same as Word) can export to PDF.

Thanx. It might be worth to try. I`d definitelly like to create smaller PDF [with more compressed VST snapshots]…

Thanx mate! Got some usefull freeware tips from your list.

Great work!

That’s fantastic, thanks!

great job, man ! !

maybe you already know it but there is a Word function called crop that reduce a little the bpi of the images AND crop the border of images.

view > toolbar > picture

see if it gets smaller


Put them all in a single .zip or .rar file and put it on filefront, I’LL LOVE YOU FOR EVER!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could categorize VSTi and VSTs in Renoise? So we could just go on a folder named, say, basslines, and find all the 303 clones? Or string VSTis?

I know this has been mentioned before, but it would make tracking alot easier…

Oh yeah! Great work by the way, must’ve taken you a long time!

Well… nevermind… I’ll do it myself :lol:
If I’m finished I’ll give a link. =D

can we tell from the list if the vst is commercial or free?