My Wishlist: Instruments Favorites & More


These are in order of my personal priority.

Toggle Edit Mode GLOBAL
As it is, if you change keyboard focus, for example click to the sequence matrix, ESC does nothing with regards to record mode in the pattern editor. Why can’t it be global? Space to start and other shortcuts still work when a text box isn’t being edited. I have lost so many performances due to the record mode not becoming active because I just deleted a pattern in the sequence matrix.

Destructively render Beatsync of sample
It would be nice if in the sample editor you could render the beatsync’d waveform instead of needing to make a pattern to render and other hoops to jump through. It would save so much time and make it easier to be very creative. After you adjust beats/settings of the beatsync, in the sample editor, you should be able to right click and “Destructively render beatsync settings to sample.” So much work was done regarding the beatsync its just missing one final step!

Replace Record
Overdub is nice, but sometimes you just want to jam and want to capture your last performance with a stop recording when you’ve laid down a nice take. The only way to do this now is to press undo a bunch of times after every loop/take. This takes so much time.

Recording notes while playing mono instrument and glide setting, glide automatically recorded / sample fx visible
Just like when delay column isn’t on when recording unquantized, the fx column should be automatically be made visible and glide recorded.

Move Cursor To Mouse Click Position
If I click a note or fx column, for ex “D0”, the cursor will aways end up on the “D” even if I click on 0. It is extremely frustrating that the cursor doesn’t go where clicked.

Hide Tracks without Patterns In Sequence Matrix
An option to toggle view of tracks that don’t contain patterns in the sequence matrix. This would save so much screen real estate.

Lock Phrases
An option to “Lock Phrases.” Example, if no phrases exist, when loading a new instrument, no new phrases will be loaded. Or, if phrases are loaded, and a new instrument is loaded, the previous phrases stay.
Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 1.12.29 PM

FX Column Rename / Tag
I think it would be nice if the FX Column could have its header either renamed ( like the note column ) or be able to insert a tag under FX header, like where “play” is under the note column.

Change lines per scroll with mouse
Have an option in the keys preferences to change the number of lines a mouse wheel scrolls

Instruments Favorites
Just like the plug-ins. Looks like even more was almost implemented with the tagging tool.

Option to not wrap around pattern edges
Just like you can option to scroll through patterns

UnPack A Doofer
Unpack a Doofer…just like the undo command

Record Track Mute / Solo
Maybe with an fx command this could be done?

That is all, thank you :slight_smile:

This is already the case. You can rename FX tracks the same way you can rename instrument tracks.

Oh wow, but how? I double click etc nothing happens. I’m talking about the column inside of a track.

Ah ok, I see. My bad. To me it sounded like you were talking about the whole FX track itself.
Indeed renaming that part you’re talking about isn’t possible.