My Work Is Complete At Least.hear Me Play.

Hi renoisers! :yeah:

I finaly manage to complete my song which i posted some days before.Well lets say that i reworked it completely whole from ground,coz if you have to rework something what you in fact dont like much,it is more easier to start it again from drawing board…Song is almost complete,it takes me two days to get here.
I need to get understand whole mastering process,which is most hardest part for me.Except some little glitches like piano playing not too good strokes before vocal starts just to fill some time in song and bad timed vocal in the end of track i think my work is done here.Maybe not,if you proove me wrong with som good ideas.

I found renoise really powerfull tool as i am diving deeper in its depths and only thing what holds me down from all my ideas and dreams is my fukkin heart…i mean my old single threaded P4 Prescott,with some features like HT what is completely useless or better it brings performance down.Thanks Intel.I need to renew my fella…in time.

I hope you will like this one…You know i never like nothing from me too much.If you know what i mean…

Enjoy. :walkman:

That’s kind of a weird introduction but the song is quite nice! :)