My Xrns Collection For Renoise 2


On Internet, I found & downloaded musics in .RNS or .XRNS format. Today, I have got 658 .XRNS files because I like the native format and I listen music on Renoise 2 :slight_smile: I thank you for the composers of Renoise who participated or will participate at the SDCompo on the net.
If you make music on Renoise 2 but you prefer keeping the native format on your hard disk, please contact me sending for me your musics in .XRNS format (not in MP3).

Thank you Renoisers,



In other words: Give me all your XRNS songs.

But what do you want to do with them then?

  1. Collect all XRNS files in the world
  2. …
  3. Profit!


YES, I collect all XRNS files in the world because :

=> It is a Native Format for Renoise 2.
=> I can see the notes, effects, etc.
=> I like to listen music with Renoise 2.

I thank you for the composers who sent & who will send for me their XRNS music :slight_smile:


I also prefer to listen to music in XRNS! I like the idea that the music is being played by the program as I am listening. Maybe it’s a trait from old scene days, but it’s deffo very useful if you want to learn.
That’s why I also tend to make self-contained songs that don’t use any VSTs.

It’d be great if there was a huge online repository of XRNS music files. :dribble:

Hello ilkke,

Yes, it will be great there is a lot of XRNS files for downloading on the net. Furthermore, I think that on the site of Renoise for the native format, the webmaster should differentiate the XRNS in 2 different places:

=> XRNS Music using only samples/instruments.
=> XRNS Music using VST Instruments (+samples/instruments ).


True. When I first found out about renoise I had a really hard time trying to find an odd RNS or XRNS file among all the mp3s and oggs.
Perhaps there could be a checkbox to show only native or only rendered songs?

One more thing:
XRNS can loop! I often use this cause I’m used to making short loopable tunes for intros.
I wish there was a way to set a loop in ogg or mp3 :(

Toggle song repetition on in Winamp? :)

Ehhh. Usually my songs don’t loop from the beginning.
Guess I’ll just have to rearrange them a bit for rendering :expressionless:

Split them into two files? One of which loops?

I remember many years ago I got my first cd of modules from a PC tech something magazine… FBi along many other great artist was on it and It was the real deal for learning …better that any tutorial.
At the time everyone was swapping xm mods and so on…If the scene grew so strong that’s one of the reason.

Share the one you already collected… maybe other users will follow up and post some more … ? ;) … I will.

Vizion: how about posting all your OWN xrns files first…?

Hi BotB,

I didn’t upload my OWN .XRNS musics because for the moment I beta-test Renoise 2 giving ideas for Renoise Team and for composing/remix music on my PC with very easy-use :wink:
BUT, you can find my 2 musics composed by me in 2008 on SDCompo here :

Genre Techno:

Genre New Age/Relax/Nice:

In 2009, my projects for Renoise 2 are :
=> To Beta-test Renoise 2 (VST(i) Plugins, interface, bugs, ideas…)
=> To rip samples & to convert in .XRNI format…
=> To make new music, to participate at the SDCompo & Demo Party at the Numerica Art Part 2 (?).
=> To import my own .XM files, to improve samples+song+SOUND QUALITY of my best of musics & to convert in .XRNS format with Renoise 2 :slight_smile:




[]( Lala Bee_Bob_2.xrns)

Check that link again. Not working.

oops yeah… thanks. it should work now.

I dont mind sharing this one (its from the SDcompo 31)
Have Fun :D
pn nd ppr