Myspace Are Sued By Universal

Better remove one of my dodgy remixes then hehehe…

And again, this proves how much the major-labels do not care about their fans. I think remixing a song is just the best thing to prove that I like a song. I don’t know, why those big labels destroy and criminalize their customers.

Sorry, didn’t want to get emotional.

actually, i was looking at this remix compo that are going on…
and i saw that the people are posting theyr mixes on myspace.

and this is remix’izz of a track that are going to be released and sold
for money, seems like the artists are burning theyr matches in
both ends.

no good.

I dont see the point why not to upload songs and making all the music in the world available for free on the internet. Name any song and you could probably find it already. I always share my tunes as i complete them. Of course i want to make money by making music but there are other ways of doing that.

As an artist not backed up by a bigger label you should by all means try to get as much attention as possible, if you’re not seen or heard you don’t exist. Big artist already makes enough money, so you should promote yourself in any way you can. Nowadays you’ll make more money from from ur gigs and selling merchandize than any ammount of CD sales anyways so it doesnt matter. It’s just the labels getting cranky for not getting as much revenue anymore but the artists arnt suffering. I can only hope for that day to come where artist compete on equal circomastances. Hopefully you don’t have have to strive to be signed at a major label to get noticed in the world. Labels have their favored artist and the ones that dont get the same ammount of budget for promotion and marketing will never have the chance to make it big no matter how talented they are.

Labels should close their offices or find something better to do than chasing remixers or file sharers. They should embrace the whole industry signing more bands and promote them all. Who are they to say, this works, this doesn’t. A&R’s and talent scouts should be looking for talents not moneymakers in the first place, cuz soon enough talent will be the only factor for making money anyways. What will the people say when they no longer buy CD’s and download everything for free, then they go to a gig and notice that their favorite artist cant even sing or play the piano.

Selling CD’s throug a label will probably be a thing of the past shortly. The labels arnt making much money of the concerts, the majority of that money goes to the artists, managers, booking agent, event holder, songwriter/composer anyways, so no wonder they are desperate, trying as hard as they can to sell the MP3’s instead.

I dont see any point of signing your ass to a label for a couple of albums at the moment, i had a few offers and most of them were turned down. Signing for a compilation CD is another thing though. It’s far better getting a good manager, that know’s what he’s doing and is believing ur music, even if it’s ur own uncle. He could probably get u going better get you a few gigs, manage the marketing and put you out there… U can print ur CD’s urself and sell them through various sites on the net or even through ur own homepage.

Big labels are a thing of the past …they had their glory days… nuff said …

The world’s gotten to a pretty sad state when artists, especially independent ones, even have to consider something like this, second-guessing themselves and having to research copyright laws, business practices and royalty. How does this enrich culture as a whole? It’s so obvious it’s a system rigged in favor of money over talent or even hard work.

It seems in the bigger scheme of things, the culture of music is alot further back than it ever was before - and I’m thinking medieval here. Sharing music, creating music together, changing others works or building upon it, often without prior approval. It’s always been an integral part of musicianship. A given even.

Now you can’t even sing a U2 song bastardization at your bank staff party without getting sued, even if it’s lame and just for fun. That’s not right. Not at all.

Agreed! I think “borrowing” is a big part of music but most of all inspiration. You’ll always get inspired by something and what you like you will imitate. It’s human nature. A few examples are some electronic music artists makin a stir for using the same kind of synth’s or similar sounds or samples in their prodoctions. What about rock bands, they’re all using guitars… Hell no … let’s sue that bastard who uses a semi-distorted guitar line in his songs…That’s my idea!!!

We all want copy, imitate, renew or enhance music that are special too us. We get inspired by eachother. I don’t know if it’s the artists or labels fault from the start or if they brought it on themself by greed. I’ve only made one “cover” of a fameous song. A remix and trubute to an old beatles song but i don’t dare uploading it anywhere and very few people have heard it. It’s one of my best tracks.

Everytime someone else ask for my vocal tracks in a song that i made, and wish to remix it, i’m honored. As long as this person doesnt have any wicked idea to steal the track and claim it his, they are more than welcome to upload it anywhere in my point of view. A small reference to the original writer is enough. I dont even care if he makes money on that song, as long as he/she is sincere and credit his source of inspiration. If his version is becomes more popular and makes more money that doesnt matter… i made the song the way i wanted it to bee and there is hopefully a good group of people liking the original better… =)

Its all about the money,pretty sad to say :unsure:

When it comes to how I feel about MySpace getting sued, I think it’s pitiful. Like so many other businesses in the U.S., the only thing that matters to Universal is money–literally. They wouldn’t know a good artist if it hit them on the head with a frying pan. Up until the mid 80’s, the major U.S. music industry actually still kind-of knew what they were doing–'81 is probably the start of the new trend though. Now all they know how to do is maximize profit.

If someone wants to use some of my music, I won’t be offended at all, and I’ll actually be quite flattered, but I do think it’s lazy on their part. I think it’s not lazy if they remade the song entirely and used it as a different part of their song, provided that they give credit anyway. Now if they want to sample part of my song and call it theirs because they added effects I’m going to be really pissed off and not flattered at all. To me, if you can’t make your own songs and can’t even figure out how to make a new version of someone else song, then don’t bother: Even if when you make your own songs they’re really basic while you’re learning, at least you’re making your own songs, which is something that the majority of people can’t do–no matter how simple, archaic, elementary, or whatever it is, it is something that most people can’t do–be proud ot it!

Making your own songs from scratch is the best way to learn how music works. If you’re not learning the theory (and I’m not talking sheet music–just the basic theory of the song) behind the song you like so much that you’re wanting to “borrow” from, you shouldn’t be messing with it at all until you DO figure out the theory behind it, then you can use a similar theory in one of your own songs. And if you can’t sing and want to add vocals, find someone that does sing and start a project together.

Sorry this is so preachy.

Now, when it comes to performing someone else’s song I really don’t understand what the issue is. That scenario sounds like U2 being greedy. I know the way the song was bastardized was wretchedly awful, but to sue over it? It’s like what happened to the Happy Birthday song. I just know that if I wrote a song that is performed all over the world (and get credit for it–not money, but just the credit for writing it), I would be very proud, very happy, and very flattered.

I got another sad story for you……0na018000c.html
Yeah the world is really sick to pick on the ordinary civilian like that.
If they put it on a record and go to sell for about a million copies commercially i can say you have a point, but just doing some ordinary performance in a bar is just rediculous…
So how come all the Karaoke bars aren’t closed yet?

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. What the hell is the world coming too?

This is just another reminder that the world is run by a bunch of greedy, small minded, retards.

Nice post Kizzume.

You think this copyright madness is bad? Wait until DRM gets it’s teeth in…

Music, innate to its nature, will always find a way to be free. As long as we remain biologically human then this will be the case. I hope corporate music self implodes. It certainly looks like it’s going in that direction.

That DRM is scary stuff. I’m actually quite worried about Vista. I wouldn’t doubt if the efficiency of Vista is extremely lessened by their anti-piracy measures–maybe it’ll be like Photoshop since their CS version, slowed WAY down but looks “cool”. I wonder what DRM will do to the process of making your own music. I wonder whether in the future every song needs to be registered, and a price attached. It’s paranoid thinking, but it’s also very probable. Will the people put up with that? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope you’re right about music finding a way to be free. :)

Like the old band named itself… Pop Will Eat Itself… certainly seems to be ringing true now… going up it’s own arse more like.

Yes indeed, I got a portable Sony MD player for recording SFX for plays & movies, and was furious when I found out that I couldn’t xfer these as editable files. I wrote a snotty email to Sony asking why I couldn’t transfer WAVs as normal and stating that it was well within my rights to use these files in the format I had recorded them, and the audio was my property. They replied saying they were due to release a new version of Sonicstage piece of shit which would make this possible. It is now, so can do that part of my job properly… but why did they do it in the first place??? pathetic imo.

What were the 3rd party apps you used Bantai? Would love to get rid of this Sony crap!

Yeah I went down that Sony road too years back and was as frustrating as you hint at.

I now use flashdisk recorders. M-Audio Microtrack has been very solid and flexible. Zoom, Tascam, Edirol, Mayah and Marantz also do good recorders. You can even get add-ons for your ipod that are better than going down the minidisc road.

Sony will eventually wake up and join in on the fun. Corporations sometimes forget they are meant to provide market alternatives, not market control. Businesses should stay as businesses and totalitarians should just stay out of it - sadly the two are getting mixed up.


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