Mystrious Delay On Vocal Wav'S

Hi Guys… Just got home after recording vocals all day yesterday…
Now I’m trying mixing the vocals in Renoise and something strange happened! On some of the vocals I get a delay… I see the sample playing, but the sound doesn’t “trigger” for about half a second! This happens as I said on about half of the vox-takes? Whats up with that???

This sounds like a latency problem to me… What kind of audiosettings are you using atm, direct sound or ASIO ?

also any plugins on the vocal tracks?

Using Direct sound… And it is without plug-ins!

The thing that threw me of was it was only on some of the .wav files!!
Everything else, recorded the same place was triggered perfect!

Ok, was there any lagging in renoise when this happend or maby much or some clicks and pops ?
however I recomend you not to use Direct sound (if you can avoid it) since it some times tend to cause the computer to work much more then it needs to. Direct sound has a higher latency than asio, latency means basicly how long it takes for the audiosignall to reach your DAW if you have a high latency this,as I said above can couse problems, such as nothing recorded or partly recorded (think cellphone with bad reception and you´ll get the idea)

I recomend you to go to asio4all (if you don´t have any other asio driver installed)

“Only some of the WAV files”, implies you are using an effect plugin (can also be caused with internal fx) somewhere that is causing the latency (e.g. only sending the wet signal of the delay or reverb is enough). This can be anywhere on the track where you play the wav-samples or the send-track that you are sending the audio to or perhaps even the master track.
The best test is to pick a fresh track without effects and simply play those samples there. If you still experience latency, check your master track if it contains any effects and disable all of these there.

Another possibility is that you have silence preceding in these wav-files. Even if it may not look like it, if you zoom out the start-area of the sample, you might find out there is silence preceding the actual sample data.