N00B Youtube Question

Ok, so I’ve rendered me some .mp4 with nice 320 kbps audio compression that opens up nice and smooth in vlc, but when I upload the thing on youtube it sounds covered in cow manure. Wtf, how can I retain the 320 kbps quality and not some watered down 128 kbps sound?

Is it a matter of patience and youtube first gives you the turd sound and better compression later and/or do I have to be some payed member to achieve better sounding videos?


Probably can google, but some of you might know.



first and most importantly: have you watched the video in HD?

also, maybe try compressing the video more, or hey, actually: compress it less (youtube converts it anyway, and this means less artifacts to begin with), but “denoise” (many ways and plugins to do it, hence the quotes) it a lot - the idea being that the converted flash video doesn’t have to use so much bitrate on the video and can use more on audio.

mind you, I’m just guessing. this might as well be a waste of time, as I’m sure there are well defined variables at play here, and somebody ought to know what they are. however, if they take a while to show up and your upload bandwith is idle, you might as well try what I suggested, maybe it’ll work? ^^

mmm, seems like patience is the key here, already sounds better then after I just uploaded it. Thread can be deleted :)

Yeah…just so you know, videos usually sound rubbish when you first upload…it takes a few mins or so to process…if you need I post some links to a youtube guide so you learn more about it! :walkman:

Little late now lol, but Tarek could you please upload a good guide getting your songs in the best audio quality on youtube?

Or anyone can else may chime in giving hints on this!

I’ve googled, but reading through the amount of (old)pages is giving me a headache. As youtube keeps changing stuff anyway, I’m looking for the most up to date tutorial.


why do you render as mp4?

I think it was the best compression ratio thing at the time (2010), some setting I was using in Sony Vegas to get HD in youtube. I think currently there isn’t a 100 mb limit anymore, probably can upload raw content…but I don’t feel like uploading 100 files all of 400+ mb size.