Nagz - Failotron Saves The Earth

yep, that’s pretty much it. i made a chiptune-like thing for nostalgie in a few hours.
enjoy! (made in renoise + a few small free VST effects, like kjaerhus classic delay, etc)
Nagz - Failotron saves the earth

Your feedback is welcome

this is cool, good work :)

edit: btw are you Nagz from farbrausch ?

never been a Member of FR, made a demomusic for them tho, so yea, we are mildly related.

ah okay, thought you where a farbrausch member back in the days.
love your drum&bass tune “jungle benz”, was so cool in the demo :)

That track is really awesome. I listen to them chiptunes regularly, actually, and this is an awesome hybrid of more modern stuff and nostalgic chiptunes :)
More more more!

this is Exactly how i wanted it to sound to be honest.

hey! nice to hear something new from you. good sound, great example of modern chiptune!

Nice tune ! I love this hybrid track. For me, it’s not a chiptune but there is the same spirit ! Very good, and thank you for sharing ! ;)

thx all :)

gatorz gon gate