Nagz - musicmaking livestream

Hey there!
Making music in Renoise (duh!), livestreaming now for a few hours.
This is kindof a periodical thing. Audio commentary is on.
Tune in to


Live again. And will mostly be live on Sunday afternoons/evenings (CET), ad-hoc on weekdays like now.
don’t worry, i won’t spam the forum like this :slight_smile:
see you there! ->

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Better make tutorial videos and post them than live.Very few people have the time to watch live streams and you will get more views doing tutorials with voice explanation

i don’t intend to make tutorials. most of my methods are pretty “ghetto” or just plain unorthodox. live has a different type of buzz, i prefer that :slight_smile: thanks for the input though


hey so how’s this for a promo video? :wink: