Name The Matrix Segments

I’m liking the Pattern Matrix so far, but I am wondering if would be possible to allow an editable name for each little segment, so you could have some idea of what you were clicking on without having to examine the notes inside it?

Obviously there isn’t room to show this inside the matrix, but maybe the currently-selected segment’s name could be shown in a text field somewhere else in the window?

Agreed, this would be very useful.

Maybe a floating label window for each segment on mouseover?

I wouldn’t find this feature very helpful until the pattern matrix turns into a real arranger where it’s possible to have the same block at two places.

No, indeed… the matrix is a good base for an arranger…
But inserting texts might turn readable if zoomed out differently…

Let’s see if you can find the easter egg yourself…

Nice. Also make it possible to rotate the map 90 degrees, and this could soon enough double as a piano roll ^_^

I seem to be able to do that when holding control and clicking the zoom buttons (OSX).

Right click on the zoom-in button…

I’ve changed the default shortcuts to:

Decrease slot height: Ctrl 1
Increase slot height: Ctrl 2

Decrease slot width: Option 1
Increase slot width: Option 2

The Matrix is quite slick (where’s the "Johnny, his motorcycle, and his pomade hairdo smiley…)

Yes, even better.

True, but it would be better than nothing, especially if the name was retained when copying a block to a new place.

Also, being able to override the colour of individual blocks would be really cool, especially for cases where you have one chord for a whole pattern, then another chord for a whole pattern, etc.

We’ve tried this with the track names and this was annoying like hell. They always pop up when you don’t want them and you rarely need them.

If you can’t see more than one slots name, this doesn’t really make sense IMHO. You can name tracks, you can name sequences. Probably we should allow coloring slots independently from the tracks, but labels won’t really work now…

Fair enough.

I don’t agree that the feature would be useless if you could only see the name of one segment. I would find it much easier to click on a segment and see “C minor chord” in a name field, then to have to double-click on the segment, possibly changing the current play position, and scroll through the pattern editor to see what the segment contained.

EDIT: Even better, the hover idea could be combined with the fixed text area idea, by having the name field auto-update when you hover over a segment (a bit like the status bar in a browser showing you the URL before you click on it).

Numerical tags sound fine to me.
I think I’ll be thrilled with the arranger with the addition of reusable ‘clips’ and some sort of way to name each one. I can really see that combining what I liked about the classic arranger with the utility of other programs.

Off topic for this thread… the modulation routing is perfect! Thank you!

and numbering the slots? maybe in the style of that little endless- symbol.

i think its hard to recognize the same pattern in the matrix when you alternate between 2 or more different pattern/tracks.

just tiny numbers in hex or dec.

btw. nice update!

This is very cool, but it’d be nice to see a third button which you click then drag to do scaling of the Pattern Matrix according to mouse X/Y values. So dragging to bottom-left might shrink right down, while up to top-right enlarges…whilst the other corners are either fully-wide or fully-high. (Ableton has something similar when viewing certain clips, but it’s extremely poorly implemented and a pain in the arse to use.)

And perhaps a right-click on that third button would reset the scaling to a user-defined default.

Am I making any sense?