Namm 2015: What got you hooked?

I like a lot of things but what have surprised me the most is maybe new Omnisphere
and its amazing lock system, you select preset, lock what you like and switch preset and locked things stay untouched.
It would be so great addition into renoise (lock phrases, modulation etc…) :-).

What i am going to get probably:
New Waldorf suite (i am big fan of Attack)

Teenage Engineering Po-12 (drum machine for 50$)

News i am waiting for:
Tracktion 6


Redux / Renoise 3.1

These things work nice together.

Since the new moog modular price has one too many zeros on it for something I can’t drive or live in, I’ll probably just settle for one of their new flanger pedals.

Going off of what I have seen briefly:

What’s probably an assload but want really badly:
Sequential Prophet 6 (Probably the only analogue thing I’m considering) - it’s just so simple.

What I could get:

Akai Advanced Pro (posted earlier about this) - if it functions I’m happy (as opposed to the NI line of the Impulse)

Teenage Engineering pro- (insert number here) - actually highly impressed by the size and portability of those chips.

Yeah, Sequential Prophet 6 is probably the ‘winner’ for me. Looks like it will may be going for around $2,700. A little ouch but probably worth it.

I’m stupidly fanboy about the odyssey but $1,000 tag on the new one (and probably unfairly, the yucky demos) has me flipping back and forth with sub37.

Best thing aboutthisyear for me, despite all thesplendorsand internet window shopping fun, I’m really perfectly happy with all the old junk I have now.

Teenage Engineering Po-12 (drum machine for 50$)

Indeed that one looks like a lot of fun.

And I literally mean fun - not a “serious” tool as such, but just something you can easily make noise with.

Looking for a better soundcard, i’m pretty well interested by those new 32bit DAC audio interface… will I hear that difference between 24 and 32 bits… not sure…

Like the Roland Super UA 352khz max sampling rate… :blink: and the further laucnhed M-Audio Deltabolt 1212…

I’ve started my comparison sheet…

Also the great McDSP plugins availability in VST format is awesome…

Arturia BeatStep pro controller look fun

and not Namm related, but RENOISE 3.1 of course

Renoise 3.1 and Redux announcement has got me super excited, holy shit check the backstage!


Damn. I’ve been got.

Also pls wait 2 weeks I need to studddyyyyy

Indeed that one looks like a lot of fun.

And I literally mean fun - not a “serious” tool as such, but just something you can easily make noise with.

Yeah, but truth is i own some drum machines but i´ve always sold them and got back to renoise, everything has been sampled better than i can already :slight_smile:

What? Didnt see anything new… Is that fishing Conner_Bw ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Renoise 3.1 and Redux announcement has got me super excited, holy shit check the backstage!

OMG new renoise! fuck yeah! i downloaded the last one@!

-Sequential looks and sounds amazing

-Teenage Engineering units look like fun, for $50

-Actually the KMI interface looks extremely useful, but I’m not in the market


-Korg, Roland, and Arturia releases are all fun if you have already or want to blow more money on their other gear.

That screenshot of Overbridge was the highlight for me. Nothing else really grabbed me, but that is perfectly fine since I want to curb those hardware desires before I get too much into it. I did buy an iPad Air 2 yesterday (to enhance working with the Analog RYTM, but I have lots of other excuses why I needed one, none of them very convincing).

Tracktion 6 or Renoise 3.1/Redux would have excited me!

My cousin’s analogue drum machine modular modules got pimped by Venetian Snares… I’m pretty pumped about that:

Didn’t found any interesting so far… Maybe Omnisphere 2, but way too much for my budget :slight_smile: Very beautiful sounds, especially awful warm pads sounds, come from the new Gforce Oddity 2. Very impressive sound. Never heard anything like this before. So smooth !

And yes, where is Renoise 3.1?

The Teenage Engineering units sound pretty darn good. I’ve been using a friends drum Moog version that was out last year. Its quite usable and end up throwing in Renoise quite a bit. Definitely not a toy and capable of some goodness. I ordered the drums and sub.

Thing i saw for not a ton of money catching my eye is the Waldorf eurorack wavetable osc. Large sample re-synthesis scrolling through spectrals sounds quite amazing in the videos they’ve posted.

Will probably get the Prophet6 when it arrives but will of course try it out first and see if I like it :slight_smile:

Probably have to sell some gear to “justify” it though.

Ok the Prophet 6 is very nice and a perfect retro machine, but far too expensive for my budget. And controlling via midi? Oh no, too lazy for that hardware shit. Also I like the sound from Pro53. It has some kind of strong aliasing on high frequencies that I actually really like. Sounds somehow more brilliant and harsh then.

Its the people doing the demos I feel sorry for…they have to act like monkeys for all kinds of disinterested music industry bellends who walk up and shove a camera in their face, expecting them to do their corporate spiel and dance. Yes they get paid to do it…did you see Arturia had a GIRL doing demos? Go Arturia!

Teenage enginnering and the new Waldorf Eurorack gets my vote.

And anything pre 1980s