i know that the link on myspace sounds like a little spam…(i upload the track on fileden)


the first track on the player; some comments and/or feedbacks are welcome! (composition, mix ecc…)

yeah, yes… wow … want hq mp3, please…

listened all your songs, good stuff \m/

yea … get them uploaded somwhere. myspace player = fubar for me :(

Hehe, coool! Love the noises, proper ‘borgy’ I think the bass is a little quiet and those wonderful LFO synths are perhaps a bit loud, but then again the whole myspace player thing probably isn’t helping much.

Love the atmospheric intro, are all the orchestral sounds in that bit from star trek too?

Nice & dark though, just how I like it :)

I’ve just posted something that might be to your taste called in-terfear, if you can lend an ear or two that’d be great.

p.s. is it supposed to be ‘sherman’ backwards?