Nano-size,non-consuming dsp addition! LR/SIDE tool

Guys, since you are not willing to give us SIDE/MID control natively into the devices, what about adding “simply” a helper device functioning just like Voxengo MSED. So you can:

  • swap (“enocde/decode”) L/R <-> SIDE/MID

  • gainL/MID or R/SIDE

  • mute L/MID or R/SIDE

  • pan LEFT/MID and RIGHT/SIDE individually, post encode

I think this would not be too time consuming. You have all interpolation algorithms and the encoding/decoding is not worth mentioning.

And I also think its not wrong to have a side-enocder-tool.

How much time does this cost you?


or you could use MSED

yes, but native is better. And it’s missing natively. Best argument.