Nanoloop For Android !

Hey long-suffering android-toting music makers… nanoloop just got an android release. It rocks. I think it’s like 2 bucks right now too…

I made a little video for it (along with a little track for the video made in nanoloop):
link to the video
Hope you like the vid, sorry about the crappy webcam quality, it’s all I have.

For those who don’t already know about nanoloop - look around the net (website -, it’s very tracker friendly.


it’s pretty good fun! first music app I got sucked into on my android :)

question about the video, how did you get a pattern 10, 13 and 14 on the sequencer?? I just have patterns 1 to 4 for instrument A and 5 to 8 for instrument B, for each of the 6 tracks… would like to know this!

At the top of the sequencer view where it says A or B (for patterns 1-4 or 5-8) press and hold down the letter for a while. You’ll see that you now have access to 16 patterns per channel. Makes a world of a difference in terms of the song complexity you can pull off. There’s lots of other subtle tricks buried deep in the manual that are incredibly powerful once you figure them out, I should probably make a tips and tricks video (with better lighting :slight_smile: at some point.


Very nice! ye I’m discovering more and more as I go along, wouldn’t have figured this out without the manual though ;)

I’m discovering the app. It looks better than milkytracker for android. Nice, thanx ! :walkman:

looks nice! i liked the tune!