Nanonoise - Midi Control Renoise Tool for Linux

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porting nanonoise to JUCE would be a bit of overkill because the software already works on all major operating systems. I don’t know if the software isn’t too specific, so that Korg would buy it. And because the software is LGPL there is no need for any monetary aspects and everyone including Korg is free to do whatever they want with it.

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hey there, i got my nanokontrol now and am worried about controlling renoise with it.

i didn’t get it to work.

i tried adding it as midi clock slave and enabling the small button next to the bpm box.

when i press PLAY as MMC, it really starts to play.

but thats all. i can’t stop it, and when i stop with pressing the mouse button on stop i can’t press start again on nanokontrol.

when i restart renoise, PLAY works again for 1 (ONE) time, after that, MMC is out of control ;) and i have to restart renoise to make it work again…

i use renoise 1.91

does anyone know a thing how to make it work ? i saw nanonoise, but it’s only the source code and i wasn’t able to compile it, and really don’t want to get in all those .c files really… just want to press play and stop on nanokontrol via mmc command.

does renoise 2.0 support it like it should ? is it 1.91 or is it nanokontrol, is it an mmc error in renoise… i don’t know, has anyone got a solution for now ?

edit: i tried starting renoise and playing the pattern with mouse click on play… then i pressed STOP on nano control (set it to MMC PAUSE).

it worked.

but only 1 time… after this nothing worked anymore with mmc controls…

so i can only press a MMC key ONE time in renoise, then have to restart renoise to make it work again for ONE time.

how can that be ?

This project may be similar, but with broader goals:

Your interface is way nicer, though.

Hi, I just updated the Nanonoise app to run on Ubuntu 21.10 (with Qt5 instead of Qt4).

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