Nanonoise - Midi Control Renoise Tool for Linux

Hello Renoisers,

recently, there was a disussion about more midi control in Renoise.

A few weeks ago, I got my korg nanoSeries midi controller hardware, which was not able to control Renoise out of the box. The application I hacked maps MidiCC messages to Renoise keystrokes (screenshot). In this way, you are able to control Renoise with your favourite Midi controller hardware.

The application lacks Windows- and OSX-support and only works under Linux at the moment. However I hope that my app soon gets obsoleted by a new Map-Midi-to-Keystrokes feature in a future Renoise release. Today I decided to release the source code of this “trigger keystroke by midiCC”-application.

You can download and compile it as follows:

 $ git clone git://  
 $ cd nanonoise; qmake && make  

Install and run the application:

 $ sudo make install  
 $ nanonoise &  

More information about the application can be found on the nanonoise project page. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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If it would not be too much work, perhaps Taktik could embed the code into Renoise, if this code is universally usable (also for other MIDI devices that share a similar communication protocol).
Such contributions are really welcome to the enhancement of the application.

The code would probably not function in Windows, it also need hacks to DirectInput, so it is better that more midi controls are assignable to Renoise functions.

Just added MMC Controls support to the nanonoise source code. MarvelousMarvin, thanks for the suggestion.

Kind regards, koppi

Excellent :) Would love to have that in Windows too (and compatible to most hardware-midi-controller ;)

BTW: Renoise already supports MMC Start/Stop commands on all platforms. All you have to do is setting up the MIDI device that sends MMC as “MIDI Clock Slave”, then enable the small slave button next to the BPM box.

The forward/Rewind commands currently do nothing though. Maybe they should simply jump one pattern forward/back in the sequence?

Great stuff you got there. Need to check it out later today, and see if I can make it work with my hardwares. :)

I think that’s a good idea. Other possibilities could be to jump back/forward by one block size, or by the “edit step” size (which might be too small).

Also, one of the MMC record commands aught to toggle record mode in Renoise.

there definitely already exists at least one adapter for Windows which maps MIDI commands to keystrokes:

as someone stated in a post earlier in this thread, and it has been mentioned a number of times on this forum… using bomes with renoise does not work.
i believe renoise uses something called directinput, i think. something similar anyway.
but the point is, bome’s is useless with renoise.

that is why mapping of midi to buttons in renoise as well as the already available keyshortcuts would be great.

Oops … I’ve missed that, thanks !

I use for Cubase an USB Joypad to Keystroke adapter and intended to use this for
Renoise as well. Maybe because of directinput this could be a problem, too !?
Hopefully not.

nice job koppi

i would like to see something like this for the novation nocturn :dribble:

Sounds very handy. Here’s hoping that we can get similar functionality in Renoise proper. Until then, does anybody have this working on Windows?

Wow, I’m definitely intruiged by this! I’m wondering if this’ll work with my kontrol49. If you added another 16 pads and an xy controller, you’d have most of it sorted already :)

d’oh, for linux!

With regard to the ff / rw functions, perhaps setting them as the next queued pattern would be better suited for live use?

Does anyone know of a similar MidiCC to Keystroke application for Mac OSX ?
Im not so keen on losing time building one in max/msp as im trying to keep all my music creating within one piece of software, Renoise :) .

As i posted in a similar thread a moment ago (about adv midi control) is think to be able to map midi switches to key commands would be great for renoise.

and i see little point in the transport fast forward and rewind buttons FFWing and RWing the song, i agree with taktik it should be used for switching forward or backward in patterns. for example FFW jumps to the next pattern RW to the previous pattern… this would free myself up a lot in live situations… the record button to switch on and off EDIT mode seems like a nice idea too… i hope this becomes a part of renoise … thanks to the devs for all their time. incredible software :)

midistrokeconverts midi data in key strokes. - MAC

Bome’s Midi Translator
-PC(v1.7.0) - !This vesion work with Renoise. Try the demo!
-MAC (only v1.6.1 available)- This version don’t work with Renoise on PC don’t know on MAC.

Autokey with this MIDI input library hard to use(scripted) but free. - trying this one now and it works! (PC only, I think)

;) How long do you leave the nanonoise on windoze?
because I’m crazy of nanokontrol ! so tiny so cool !!!

Hello Xor, last week I tried to port nanonoise to windows. I did not succeed mainly because I’m not so familiar with the windows API. Don’t know how to send keys to an application that uses the DirectInput API. Are there any hints, which send-key functions work with Renoise?

Kind regards,

Hello again, I finally managed to port most parts of nanonoise to windows. However there is still a minor issue with the sendkeys function call, which sometimes (for whatever reason) hangs and spawns lots of keypresses to Renoise. The updated source code is in the nanonoise repository at The brave renoiser may download the Qt SDK and Qt Creator and give the windows port of nanonoise a try. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

good stuff! i’m just installing linux on my secondary laptop. the silent going thinkpad x60s. hope i can get the korg padkontrol and nanokontrol working with it :)

You ever thought of porting this to JUCE ?
I know Korg use JUCE and i can hook you up with someone at Korg they would probably buy this off you