Napalm Death's You Suffer Tribute Compilation Accepting Submission

A challenge for Renoisers with open minds:

Only 2 days far and already 17 tracks in!

17 tracks of 3 secs = 51 seconds !

it would have been better to propose a remix of :

actually: 18 tracks, 21 minutes 18 seconds atm.
there are no limits whatsoever, your own interpretation of the original is expected.
e.g. Kylie Minoise’s cover of You Suffer counts over an hour! :)

nice !! i still wear my ‘scum’ tshirt sometimes :)

one question is there a deadline for the compo ?

no deadline yet.
Now put your shirt on, and start tracking! :)

there are now 100 interested participants, 23 submissions, 22’36"

I covered this track a few years ago with some friends.
That’s me on the drums :D

i was number 185 in that pack with that exact track


you may sent them in if you like, cause I like! :)
there are now 43 submissions, and looking for MOAR!

A friend just posted this on Facebook. Napalm Death on childrens TV. You’ve gotta love the UK and BBC (as it was.)

Dear fellow renoisers: only one day left for deadline! So if you want to be featured on this soon to be legendary tribute, do it fast, as fast as ND themselves!!! :)

88 submissions now!!