National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Did you know friday september the 19th it’s “National Talk like a Pirate Day”? Please honor this holiday. I know I will by playing pirate music like Alestorm (pirate metal) and Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew (pirate hiphop) at the office.

as i already talk like a pirate i’m going to go one step further and shanghai some wenches for a sea shanty over some grog


edit: woohoo

today is use bit torrent like a pirate day

“National”? It was on the world news!

ARRGH. I’z gonna play ye ‘Monkey Island 2’ all day, mate!

Some dickheads around work decided to print out a heap of A3 posters to promote this. Nice waste of paper dorks!

Yeah, a REAL pirate uses the skin of his victim