Native 303 Clone

Hi there,

I just watched the video of Rebirth on the iPad and I was thinking: With a native 303 clone, Renoise could be even more amazing! And then I recalled that I saw lately that there was one in NoiseTrekker.
The 303 is a great instrument for electronic music and would fit perfectly into the domain of Renoise.

So I am wondering, is this something the devs would even consider thinking about or rather not?

(For those who say: Just use VSTi, let me anticipate by answering that one of the strongest points of Renoise to me is that it runs smoothly unde Linux and we all know that VSTi under Linux are rare. A native 303 would make Renoise a much more complete and self-contained music tool).


In case this reply wasn’t clear, look for “Renoise303v1.31” in Bit_Arts profile.

In fact, download them all!


Well, yes, I know of that one. And while it sure is native, it is hack (a cool one, though). A real instrument wold still be preferable I think.


With the “signal generator” idea it would be quite a simple task to build a monosynth for acid basslines and such like. I suppose it depends how accurate with the 303 sound you want to be.

I use linux too; I solved my 303 hunger by buying a x0xb0x :)

buy this one,

cheap - impressive - easy to use

check Protrekkr (another kid of NoiseTrekker ) ! is FREE. has 2 x 303 :)

I can’t find a Linux version of that VST, sorry.


Then you’ll be wanting this then

I’ve only had a very quick go with the stand-alone version in Ubuntu and it seems to work fine, sounds 303-ish and it’s free!

Good luck!

btw, props go to Bit_Arts! Excellent stuff!

I know of and use Nekobee, but this one, while it is available for Linux, which is great, is ONLY available on Windows. A native solution would be available everywhere.


Hey, i just noticed that Phosycon got cheaper: it’s now only 39,00 €! (which was 69,00€ before) :w00t:

EDIT: needless to say that i just bought it… time for some tweeking fun! :walkman:

as far as software emulators go , audiorealism bassline has the most authentic sound , best freeware 303 = bioroid creakbox

Well, there is no cross platform VSTi 303 emulation. This is why I suggested a native one (actually, any native synth would be great).


try this, it works ok and can be compiled straight away on all the platforms that supports the vstsdk 2.4

maybe if you search for AciDevil in kvr you can find some binaries as well.

putting the 303 back in “noisetrekker” is an idea that prolly no one would be disappointed with, considering everyone likes free stuff. but if you think about the lineage, i can see why they removed it and understand why solid vst support was presented as such a major advantage that it shouldn’t matter. the renoise developers where right, painful as loosing bling is.

that said, i wish they would put csynth back in

actually, that’s not what i really want at all: i wish renoise would support the sfz spec. i think that would alleviate a lot of ‘the sampler ain’t good enough’ and ‘it ain’t got good enough native synthesis capabilities’ type comments. you can do a pretty good 303 in sfz, really! granted you have to do it in notepad using samples, but, if that’s not right up renoise’s ally, it’s certainly not more than a block away from the one renoise hangs out in.

i’m not trying to hijack, but i just think a better renoise instrument format is the way (did i mention use sfz?) to make a lot of dreams come true. (ok, no naked ladies in this dream, but i didn’t say all dreams, i said ‘a lot of’…)

Sorry for being somehow off-topic. This thread became sort of a “various 303 emulations collection”, that’s why I made that phosycon post. But you’re right, this was about a native solution.