Native Accoustic Piano - A Few Questions


A few weeks ago I asked about the best way to get a good accoustic piano inside renoise/linux. Since then I’ve been struggling with building linuxsampler, and trying to get good results from fluidsynth, but I’m not convinced. So now with the vastly improved sampler in renoise, it should be possible to make a good-enough accoustic piano in native renoise. A few questions:

  1. An accoustic piano really calls for “more rounded sound at softer velocities”, normally achieved through either a) velocity layers and/or B) a LPF linked to velocity. The first requires more ram, plus I don’t really have any sample sets available with lots of velocity layers. But am I correct that there’s no way to link the velocity to a LPF on an instrument level (it’s possible with velocity tracker + filter)? Any work arounds?

  2. The midi input stuff seems weird to me, but it might be I’m expecting something wrong. If I connect to the midi ports “Renoise MIDI In port A” or “Renoise MIDI In port B”, the routing and channel stuff doesn’t work. However if I connect to “Midi Through Port-0” (which is present on my system through snd_seq_dummy) it does work. Isn’t the routing stuff supposed to work with the regular inputs? Here’s a screenshot of my connections (when it’s working). Actually when working with several instruments and midi input, I’m quite lost. Using the “Master” setting on instrument input through “Renoise MIDI In port A” triggers all such instruments, while input through “Renoise MIDI In port B” triggers only currently sellected instrument. Is this the way it’s supposed to be?


  1. Sustain pedal doesn’t seem to work with native instruments (tried mda EP, sustain works fine), am I doing something wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. You have just discovered that the new instrument section is not finished yet. As described here.

Ok, that sounds promissing. Thanks!

Would it be reasonable to expect that 2.7 will have the features to make a good native accoustic piano?


Are there any plans to make sustain pedal work with native instruments in the 2.7 series?

Bump - again.

I’d love to be able to play my 3-layer deep mis native grand piano…