Native Chip Synth

Hi, I know that this is not new, but I think that a couple native synths like GoatTraker or Klystrack for chip sound controlled in realtime, and an AdLIB OPL3 dual or quad FM synth it will be everest!!! Thanks for your comprehension!

Don’t say that just yet, because I didn’t understand fully! :P

I’ve made Overtune sample generator especially to easily make chip synths. It works best with keyboard. When you have it installed, first go into renoise Prefs->Keys, and search for ‘Overtune…’ (example: i’ve set it to Shift+E)
go to sample editor, press the shortcut
type in something in first field, for example: tri(X)
press enter twice
baam! you’ve got a chip sample

other ideas:

add cool dsp chains with chorus and automated filters and stuff and you got pretty cool synth sounds
(but you’re right though, e.g. FM synthesis with the C or M signal being slightly off instead of a full 2, 3, 4 or sth times still can’t be done properly - there was a FM synth made in renoise api tho too, I forgot the name)

Your tool is fantastic, but with native synth you can control all parameters that make the sound in real time, in sample you cannot! Think having a real sid synth or tb303, or tr909, ar analog, fm… but not vst, instead native renoise synth, in this way you need only to install renoise and you can have all sound possible…

Could be interesting!!

Yeah but the problem with that, is that it’s always “OR fm, OR subtractive”, etc (of course, not always!!) and then still your amount of operators is limited.

The problem is that sample is static and you nead many many samples just for simulate a SID, and the free size of your drive is less and less… with virtual simulation you need only some byte for storing data patch, and you get illimited chance to modify your sound! of course you need a fm synth (2 or 4 op), a virtual analog (2 osc + sub + noise), a sid emulator… some basic generator and renoise is 100% the best program ever build!

Then what if you want a detuned saw FM’d by a lower octave sine with a keytracking envelope modulated by a lfo that is basically a sine ringmodded by a triangle wave (which of course get slightly phase shifted over time)?

I’m all for native synth of course. That’s gonna be awesome.

You think so?
I only see the need for 4 waveforms, pulse and ring modulator and emulation of its filter.
the waveforms can be plain samples, the other features can be programmed, simulated, the latter is not easy ofcourse, but not impossible.

Something like these:
303 synth (protrekkr)
analog synth (protrekkr)
fm synth (adlib tracker 2)
sid synth (hively tracker)

no thanks !

did you know that besides a sampler (which is a very very powerful instrument, not just a recorder)
you have a bult in, draw-able wavetable synth ?! right there:

4038 wavetable.png

what about using that one first?
so no need for 303, analog synth, chip synth … it’s all easily covered with this (and a lot more)
the envelopes, LFOs, filter, ring mod, FX and what have you, it’s all available in Renoise already
you just have to put it together, like in a modular synth …
Renoise IS a synth, a sequencer and what not …
and controllable modulation in real time and automation and and …

besides that, … there are heaps of fantastic plugins … on all platforms (VSTi, DSSI, Lv2 …)
everyone and his dog are using those, why reinvent the wheel?
same for FX plugins … in case you need a special filter or whatever

for your other point:

20 or even 30 years back, when samplers were the latest fad, a new dimension,
storage space was really extremely expensive.
especially the faster stuff, like SCSI, and sizes were limited and loading speed was slow.
(but people were using samplers avidly, nonetheless)

but nowadays you get terrabite disks literally “dirt cheap”
and even USB 3.0 sticks are 30x the size of an expensive SCSI harddisk of the old days
so this point doesn’t hold water today

left alone that, for example, a saw-wave only needs ridiculously little storage space anyway
(and is part of any Renoise basic configuration)

I agree with 'nix - i’m often using crudely drawn chipsamples + a bunch of envelopes and effects, they sound just as good as any VST i’ve tried.

I agree with vV here, you don’t need multiple samples for a decent emulation.

ballacr75, have you need my Resynth 4 tool?

It supports 4 oscillators slots, which can be supersaw, virtual analogue, 3 operator FM or user and each has seperate transpose, detune, volume and panning, in addition to AHDBDSR volume and filter envelopes, filter type/resonance, plus various other parameters, such as tremelo and velocity to filter amount, etc. etc.

I can’t imagine a native synth being better than Plogue Chipsounds.

If you’re looking for free/cheap chip sound emulation, there is no shortage of great VSTs.

… except not everyone is using windowz… :confused:

My above comment does still apply tho - partally because of the IQ needed to run a real OS -vs- that needed to use a tracker properly :confused:

(every system has its good and bad points … except windows, which has no good points other than its marketing)

Chipsounds is Mac as well. As for free Mac plugins, there is Chip32 and Magical 8bit Plug (the latter I’ve used and can vouch for).

Using plugins in Renoise has a learning curve I suppose but then you also gain some advantages that you don’t get with native samples such as being able to use the pitch wheel and easier portamento. Of course, you can use the Renoise plugin grabber to render a range of notes and velocities down to a Renoise instrument as well.

Edit: I’m a Mac user.

open source minicomputer, standalone application using Jack and MIDI

Ok, some vst are great, resynth4 wonderful (but at the end it makes sample, and not is a virtual synth with automable parameters), but the idea to have only one program that generate all the sound you need is fantastic. No need to search between million of samples, no need to install vst, only open Renoise… and work!!!
Thanks all!

Maybe you wanna take a look at Reason ;D

no thanks!!