Native Delay

I would like to be able to turn off one of the delays, like the left or the right one. with 0% feedback, you always get 1 echo anyhow… a bit weird…?

Also, it would be nice to be able to control how much they were panned.

and what does the multitap option do?

pardon me for nagging, but a short reply would silence me :)

or perhaps I’m just too stupid to figure out how to turn off, for an example, the left echo-channel…?

I can’t try it on ReNoise right now, but I think that putting the delay in a Send track after a Gainer with panning set to left should do the trick.

Thanks for the reply and the creative solution! :)
However, as I tried it a number of issues came up.

First of all, since the native delay does not offer an option to keep or discard the dry sound, sending the track and keeping the source is the only way to place the original sound in one channel and the echo in the other. This effectively doubles the amplitude of the sound (which can to a certain extent be worked around by lowering the gain). But the problems doesn’t end there: If you are panning the source to the absolute left or right, and then pan the gainer in the sendtrack to the absolute opposite, you won’t get an echo at all. Moreover, the delay performs in weird ways since effectively, you are forcing both the left and the right delay channel – you can’t turn either of them off completely – to the same pan, again changing the amplitude of the sound and the echo.

Plus, it seems a bit overkill to allocate a dedicated send-track and rack-up everything just for one tiny little delay… ;)

So please, renose dev-team, could you improve the delay a bit?
I also still wonder what the multi-tap option is for… <_<

hmm, its indeed a very stupid thing … I can try to make you a vst-plug for that with synthedit this weekend or beginning of next week.

PS:the multitap option does nothing at the moment afaik.

You are right. The current delay is very limited.
As we should have a more or less complete set of internal effects and a delay is fast done, I will write myself a “make a great delay with all options you can think of” entry into my todo’s ;)

so what shout the new “superdelay ™” have ?

  • reverse and xreverse option
  • autosyncable to beats with adjustable offset
  • be silent (produce no feedback at all) with a feedbackamount of 0 (will fix the above described problem)
  • filters ?

any further ideas are welcome.

btw : wich effects are you missing in the native effects section ?

looza :
As we currently have no DSP developer, maybe you could help designing it ? You could write it in synthedit or better as a native vst with c++ code :) and I could adapt it if you like.

Of course this goes not only to looza. I hate DSP programming, so any help is welcome …

first of all, I think its name should be “tekno-delay ™” instead of “superdelay” ;) :D

ok, in addition to me trying to be funny, here’s some brainstorming:

  • inverted feedback switch: so that the echo-sound grows instead of shrinking
  • inverted feedback gate: when this top-value is passed, the delay goes back to normal feedback… either that or it just empties the delay-buffer. could be switchable
  • dry mix/wet mix: ok, so we have sendtracks… but hey, the distortion-effect have this option, and IMHO, most effects – except for gainer and other obvious ones – should have it.
  • separated feedback for left and right channels: as it works now :)
  • left/right distance-from-center: so you can pan-point your delay
  • parallel vs. serial delay switch: parallel being as it is working now; both left and right channel have individual delay values and echo independently of the other channel. serial would first echo one channel, wait the delay-time for the other, then echo that channel and do the same for the first channel again.
  • rout left/right delay to sendtrack: so you can actually separate the delays and add different effects to them… I don’t know if there’s any value in this though, but I find the idea fun to play with ;) actually, this could be useful as a stand-alone effect…
  • filters: the usual low-/high- and band-pass (and band-reject) would be nice

another effect I’m missing is a parametric eq. I know this has been wished for in another thread.
also, I know that a parametric chopper-effect (gater) could be useful… and maybe a pitch-shifter. Ah hell, why not a whole granular-synth?!
hehe… :)

well, those are ideas, stupid and smart ones jumbled together in one big mess. treat them as such and not like requests from a user gone mad ;)

These days I’m finishing my exam for a DSP course, so I suppose I can put what I’ve learned to use during the summer :)

These days I’m finishing my exam for a DSP course, so I suppose I can
put what I’ve learned to use during the summer

ooops. indeed. I forgot that. Why the heck am I still developing the DSP code stuff ? :)

the napodelay ™ ( :rolleyes:) should also have this strange but cool feature: “tap routing”.

This option could let you assing each delay tap to a different Send Track. Obviously there should be a limit in routing length (say it’s 4), after which the routing loops.

Choosing the loop type would be great.


forgot to mention this other idea I have in mind since ages: delay LFO, which could modify the delay time for EACH tip. Modifying the delay time for EVERY tip is already possible by putting a LFOdevice on the delay time slider (did you ever try it? total mess :D), but this is not the effect I would like to obtain: the delay LFO should modify the internal delay time C++ variable.

Hm. Implementing all sorts of strange special routings for single dsp’s will IMHO only lead to a mess… A lot of such configurations can be solved by implementing modular effect routings :) Perhaps a summer project for me?

woah taktik, hold your horses, I cannot program c++ or anything, I just played around with synthedit awhile and since I am rather familiar with reaktor and synthedit does not work very differently from reaktor (und meinen alten elektronik-baukästen :D ) I might be able to do this.

oh well, if you will implement that, I will choose 2 fake names and register Renoise twice more :D

this would be EXTREMELY useful, and i miss it already. :)

having the delays going to extremes doesn’t suit every song :]

but yeah, try to make it optional. have a little option that you can check - ‘separate track for delay’

and if the delay tracks could appear immediately to the right (and left, perhaps they could be placed literally - the left echo (if selected to be on a separate track) appears to the left, the right on the right) of the track on which the delay was placed, that would be great. could take a bit of extra programming, but i really don’t like having to scroll waaay across to get to my sendtracks. i also don’t like using sendtracks cuz it’s a bit confusing (you can’t solo them, for starters - is this going to be changed?)

I would love a delay that has pitching.
For instance take a look at the Pro53 delay (depth/rate).
You can make very rich and spacious delays with small amount of pitching (slow vibrator). And with panning settings(spread) you have a chorus fx as well.
Btw the pitching part should be in the reverb aswell. This is a must have If you wanna get rid of that ugly static/metallic sound on longer reverbs.

Another wish would be successive filters on delays, making the sound be ‘faded/filtered’ away. (old cool edit users might know this from the ‘‘enhanced echo’’ fx (free native plugin by Drowz).
You have a small graph EQ like Renoise Eq5 that will be applied to the delay. Making each echo more and more filtered.