Native devices improvement suggestion


I’ve wanted to give my 2 cents regarding some native devices and how would i see their improvement


0.1 . Integrate eq and stereo expander into the existing frequency spectrum? select eq, and on top you have ready eq to mangle with? (somewhat odd but it came to my mind since there is already spectrum…)
The displayed parameters should be for the selected channel - and there should be option to toggle this on/off also
0.0.1. Implement Stereo expander in the “phase scope” view by adding a one slider/knob like shown:

  1. Maximize eq window by clicking a dedicated/detach button? (or like previous idea, just integrate it into spectrum)

  2. Eq could reside in separate tab (or something similar), since there are 5 tabs, and the rest of the screen sits empty - i think this should be populated with useful stuff which we use most ofen.


  1. add 2 sliders (or knobs) for sidechain relax of frequency to both devices (maximizer and distortion could benefit also) (The gate device already have these options!)


inspector panel (bitwig alike) - this could substitute the need to have a whole mixer underneath like in the next screenshot

mixer strip : this is suitable to have clear overview of both arrangement and mixer at the same time.

sorry i’m not visual artist, nor i’ve planned this post, but it came rather like instant idea, i will add items here as i get ideas.
I think that the improvement of native devices could contribute a lot to the whole community


I would not share these wishes. But an analyzer in the eq5 / 10 would be really cool


This would be amazing

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Here is a clean version. What do you think?



looks nice , but i would still prefer larger eq window over analyzer in eq.
i do not get why you wouldn’t share those wishes?

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I think optional oversampling 4x times could improve tonality of the eq, just like it is audible in the bitwig eq+ (4x always) vs bitwigs eq5 (you can convert an eq5 to eq+). Plus more precision in high frequency area.

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Yup, i agree thats good suggestion.
Gain compensation like in tdr slickeq would be awesome also. Hire Fabien Schivre to bring his ideas to improve stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because i dont need it😁 you know only my wishes are important and relevant (little joke.)
The eq on the top in the analyser looks simply out of place.

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I’m also for turning the scopes more into a mixer and adding the eq up there, instead of adding a foldout mixer view in the bottom row, this seems rather clunky imo, but multiple people have requested this…

i’d also add hp/lp filter integrated into eq-10.

Ability for the most left band to act as high pass
ability for the most right band to act as low pass

perhaps right click on any band to change its type?

Would also love to see an n-band EQ (1 to an arbitrary number of bands). Not having to see 4 other bands when all I want is a specific notch or 2 would be great. Also, not having to load another instance of EQ if I want to add another tweak past 5.

Edit: Like FabFilter EQ, for example.

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Great idea. One eq should replace both eq 10, eq 5, digital filter (and analog filter?)
mid/side thing should be implemented also if possible, width per band for example like TDR Slick EQ M and probabbly a simple ‘drive’ from analog on the end of eq for the extra sweetening - where applicable :slight_smile:

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That’s it ! Exactly like for the VST effects.
There could be the embedded view (with only flat scrollers) and the window view (with nice GUI).
Other famous DAWs act like this (FL, Reason, Reaper) and provide both generic and advanced views, for VST as for native effects/instruments.


I agree with the ops suggestions, minus the phase scope modification. The new eq should get general HP/LP 12/24dB filters, plus all the Renoise filters, and should have 10 bands. It should have some macro functionality, like shifting, multiple selection, maybe even “scale” multiple selection by dragging up/down.

The scope should follow the track selection, not only showing master all the time.

The analyzer could be optionally volume compensated. I think the analyzer needs an overhaul regarding samplerate dependency. IMO it has a pretty inconsistent view here.

Oversampling would improve the precision in the high frequency band.

Automation should be possible already in the graphical view, not only on the slider view.

The non-plus-ultra would be a left/right/side/mid mode per band.

This together would very much simplify mixing in Renoise.

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