Native Effects Vs Plugins... Which Ones Are Good?

So, as I have said in a previous post, I am coming to Renoise from using mainly reason in the past. Reason as some of you may know uses all built in instruments and effects (no VSTs or anything external). Obviously the advantage was that you knew that the native stuff was top notch but now using Renoise, obviously I might have to get into the world of plugins… Which of the native renoise effects do you all like the most? Which ones do you feel are the best ones and where do you feel it is necessary to use plugins instead? For example, do you feel that the mpReverb is as good as something like the reverb in reason or do you use other reverbs?

Any opinions, help, suggestions etc would be great!


The native effects are generally quite good, but reverb is one of the exceptions IMHO although it’s ok for light ambience and rooms.

I’m a big fan of Audio Damage stuff - Eos Reverb is an essential addition to renoise as far as I’m concerned for lush halls and plates, sounds amazing and for 49 bucks you can’t go wrong.

While you’re there you might as well grab hold of the rough rider compressor which is awesome for drums and bass (as in instruments rather than genre!)and free to download. I’m personally not that keen on the RNS filters so you might wanna check the AD 914 fixed filter bank, which you can obviously automate despite the name.

My favourite native effects are the cabinet simulator, the delay, routing devices (LFO, multiband send, hydra, etc) and the EQs are very decent too.

I’m not big fan of native reverbs either. One of my favourites is TC electronics M30, which i got durring the period it used to be free. Now it’s $39. It’s simple and fast to set up, but sounds great. Best free one i have seen is Ambience. It’s more complex but also comes with lot of presets if you’re not into tweaking.

What comes to other effects, they are fine. I especially like native eq and filter. I wouldn’t mind if eq gui was bigger tho. ;) Even tho native effects are nice, i don’t think it’s bad idea to experiment with vst’s because after all it’s about what you prefer. One thing that matter as well is what kind of music and sound you make, at least what comes to instruments. If Reason have something special you are missing in Renoise, you can consider using both with rewire.

Compressors and Filter I find are very good. Cabinet simulator is probably my favoite of them all. Modulation devices (chorus, flanger phase) work just fine as well. Comb Filter is nice too but I think it should be somehow expanded to be a bit more versatile. Delay is pretty useless for me, I’d like to see something like the ‘Classic Delay’ plugin. I don’t use the Reverbs really at all either, as said they mainly just work for room ambience and such. I usually end up using TAL-Reverb2 and Zrev. Lofimat, Distortion and Ringmod are simple but they’re fine as it is.

I’d really like to see some more complex effects that would enable to really mangle up your sound.

Cool thanks allot for the replies folks! I just downloaded ambience and I am liking it allot (just using presets), they really give a totally new sound to the samples. I threw the second preset on a sound of a gun cocking that I took from a movie and it almost sounds like one of those sounds burial uses.

I will have to check out those other reverbs as well and also pick up a compressor.

thanks again and if anyone has any other suggestions thats always welcome.

I really like the native mpReverb! :slight_smile: I’ve done 2 presets that i use almost on every song… i really like it for dark ambient stuff

I use a lot native Filter (awesome) and EQ (need a bigger view) - I tend to use all the native and go for vst only for complex fx

Like any plugin the native fx have their uses, they are all usable but not always. IMHO one should try to make at least a few tracks 100% native before writing anything off… Signal follower is one of the most versatile and cool fx in renoise… especially in combo with other fx. It is a matter of taste and style, I find myself using mpReverb quite often actually, and cabinet simulator is great for growling basses.

Also a Big fan of the mp reverb…and the cabinet simulator .
And and really love the butterworth bandpass filter …espiaclially on saw waves …great for creating formant like textures , when used parallel

Anyone use reason also.

As for distortion devices. How do you all rate the scream vs renoise native distortion effects (distortion, bit crusher, cabinet simulator)? Any other distortion vsts you use?