Native Effects

Hello to all you!

VBAlk writing. :D

In “Compressor/Limiter” and “Gate” (by the way: because Gate is an Expander with Threshold parameter = infinite, it should be opportune rename “Gate” in “Expander/Gate”, as “Compressor/Limiter”) native effect, “Threshold” parameter should must be expressed in dB and not in percentage %.

In Renoise there are Flanger and Phaser native effects, but there isn’t Chorus native effect. If flanger effect can be used replacing chorus effect, then it should be opportune rename “Flanger” in “Flanger/Chorus”, else Chorus native effect should be implemented.

Is it possible that Volume Control changes in (-infinite, 0 db] U [0 db, +6 dB] range? 0 dB should be default value.

Concluding, an observation that doesn’t concern Native Effects, but Effect Column: moving between different tracks to visualize not visible tracks, on the left side is displayed Effect Column of the invisible track; “this” track should must be completely invisible.

Thank you!