Native Effects

These things are now long old, and I’m interested to see if they will be altered for the 1.8 final, or seen as non-issues. There are two native effects that have come to my attention with B3:

  • Flanger. When sent on a delay of 1.00ms and the amplitude is set about 50% the flange range peaks out and causes a weird longer delay effect. This is not an issue for delays larger than or equal to 2.00ms.

  • Stereo Expansion. When this effect is set to 0% expansion (i.e. mono) it only includes the one channel of the audio instead of mixing the two.

I can see people’s point of view when arguing that these are not issues, merely characteristic features. I thought it wise to bring this up to see if people felt it is a problem. Up to this point I get around it by using thrid party effects.

Both of the issues you pointed out can be considered bugs. However, we should also be aware that some tunes can already use this broken behaviour as a feature. So altering this should be done carefully.