Native Instruments Add-ons and Plugins responsiveness problem

@taktik Almost all Native Instruments add-ons and plugins very unresponsive in Renoise DAW. I had this issue since used Intel Mac, recently I have purchased Mac Studio with hope this unresponsiveness will gone. Unfortunately this problem still there.Is just crazy slow to work with Massive X synth. I need to open the sound inside NI Machine 2 or Komplete Kontrol to create/tune instrument, then save it. and reload within Renoise. This is all happens with mode “Run all plugins in sandbox” OFF. If I’ll switch this mode ON, slow responsiveness becoming absolute_crazy_slowest_ever responsiveness where is impossible to change anything in plugin.
I have tried to use NI plugins in Ableton 11 and Logic Pro X with no issues.
I’ve got this problem across almost every up-to-date NI instrument and/or plugin, despite of the raw power of Mac Studio.
@taktik Could you please consider to dig into this issue?

Thank you.

@taktik Any suggestions?

This was solved for some plugin by NI. Seems like you have to report this bug to NI for each of their instruments, so they will fix it.

What bug? Is it the only bug across every NI plugin, instrument effect? How do you know it? If this is a bug of NI, why does the bug only show up in Renoise? I have tried two more DAW’s