Native Instruments Phasis (+more) crashes renoise when deleting

I`ve been having a lot of crashes with Renoise 3.1.1 particularly on closing projects but am having a hard time knowing what VST/s are causing it

However Ive found Native instruments Phasis 1.0.0 will crash renoise consistantly when it is deleted from a song. It doesnt matter if plugins are set to sandboxed or not.

Windows 7 64bit

Phasis is part of the mod pack which was given as a freebie at xmas iirc:

Just found another culprit which this time crashes on load

It is from the SPL rangers plugins and is the Bass Ranger plug.

There is no current demo to test though as it has moved on to version 2: SPL rangers plus

UPDATE: This one will load fine if sandboxing is enabled though

UPDATE 2: I`ve found the this and the other rangers plugins will crash if you save them as .xrnt file

Including the Free Ranger which is available to test:

UPDATE 3: Not happening after system restart, may be something with my system/ soundcard if no one else can re-create