Native Instruments Super 8 (VST3) Not showing in plug-in list

Renoise 3.3.2
Super 8 version 2.1.0 (Installed Native Access)

This VST3 will not show up in the instrument plug-in list. Sibling products such as Kontakt, Massive, and Massive X do. I have reinstalled the product and have run the plug-in rescan in Preferences to not avail. Any suggestions?

According to Native Access it is installed at C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Super 8
…and I see the VST3 file as: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Super 8.vst3

Any insight or ideas would be helpful! I love that instrument.

  • the plugin might have been detected as an effect
  • the plugin failed renoise’s scan and was deemed faulty

in both cases Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite might deliver some useful insight.
once downloaded, open CachedFailedVST3s_x64.db in the sqlite browser and see if you can find it. if you can, then renoise has detected a problem with the plugin during the scan. try to open it in another host and see if it works fine to isolate the root of the issue (host or plugin). you can always force renoise to re-scan these presumably faulty plugins by deleting the failed db files.

if you can find the super8 vst3 in the effects plugin list in renoise, you can also alter that with the sqlite browser in the “IsSynth” variable (0=efffect; 1=synth).

CachedVST3s_x64.db → sqlite borwser → browse data tab → change Table to “CachedPlugins” → check the IsSynth row.

edit: forgot to mention.
to show the .db files in filebrowser, open renoise → in top menu select “help” → select “show the preferences folder…”

appreciate the insights i’ll try your suggestions to investigate.

yay! DataGrip works too! It says Super 8 “CausedCrash”, but don’t see anything useful in logfile present in same directory. Is there a place that would give more info on a plug-in crash?

Here’s what stuff looks like. (The Steinberg stuff is failed because I don’t have the USB dongle on this machine right now. ):


Try deleting the entire CachedFailedVST3_x64.db file or only the Super 8 entry as highlighed. Renoise will then rescan the plugin again. But please do so while Renoise is not running.

@taktik that was the ticket! Excessively high levels of appreciation! :cowboy_hat_face: