Native Multiband Compressor

hats off to you renoise devs. its a bit more cumbersome working with long audio samples, but i find the native effects to be so darn useful, and utilitarian.

a multiband compressor would be an excellent addition.

(also maybe making the effect available as vst for use in other music programs)

Along with making the other effects available too…

Multiband would be nice.


Sounds good. Wouldn’t be bad idea to make a device that only splits
the bands. Then it would be possible to do other functions too like
gating. Renoise routing is bit limited for this, right. Maybe it could have
additional devices that recieves single band or they could be routed like
send? Just an idea :)

+1 for the Multiband compressor anyways

@TMT, the routing approach is already possible. I’ve been using this to make any DSP into a multiband one, either native, or VSTs.

Just route your audio to several send channels. Remember to Keep Source on all send devices, except the last one. In essence, you get parallel routing to several sends. Then on each of these sends you can filter out only the bands that you want to process, put the device(s) you want on each, et voilà - welcome multiband compressor, multiband reverb, or even multiband Glitch. :)

@subset, i have kinda used this technic already to make filtered delays but
I don’t know why i haven’t toke it any further. Somehow this feels too
MacGyver or something i guess. Native multiband would be nice addition
but i’m not afraid of using vst, so it’s not that big deal for me. :)

I personally think multiband compresison is something VSTs will always do much better.

That aside, I’d love to see multiband splitters once we get modular routing, but until then, sendtracks will have to do.

For now I’m using that send tracks tech but a proper multiband will do the job much faster…

+1 for that. Since I work with Reaper and Renoise, I’d really like to use the Renoise native DSPs as VST
inside Reaper. Advantage: you could use the same DSP chains in both environments.

Moreover, it would be a nice give-away to advertise Renoise :slight_smile:


Fuck yes! Specify which sends you want what bands to go to. Bonerrific!