Native Random(Izer)


so, i’ve used Reason for about a year, and what i’d often do to get strange sounds is to randomize the fuck out of everything. i used a lfo with a sort-of-random pattern (quite random, but repeating), and control the lfo rate (frequency) with a second lfo on a similar random pattern, so as to sort-of-randomize the sort-of-random, thus more and more approaching a true random. combine this with the Reason Matrix, with a random pattern, and that’s about as random as you can get (on the fly, outside of the timeline).

now, i was looking for a similar feature in Renoise. i basically wanted to take a continuous sinewave on a high note (C5)and modulate that to become a random bleep pattern. now, the only native device in renoise that has a random is the lfo-device (correct me if i’m wrong, i honestly did not even look any further), and while that seems to be a true random (in the sense that i cannot instantly detect patterns), i still wasn’t satisfied with the fact that it ran in one tempo. so, as to make it even more random, i controlled the lfo-device frequency (rate) with a second lfo-device, also set to random, and so created a kind of clone of my Reason setup.

Now, having read through that, you must be curious how i did this exactly (settings etc). or you did already know this, possible as well. here’s the screenshot:

Great idea! I’ve recently used the random oscillator of the LFO device to have my pad synth sound more natural instead of sounding consistent. After processing it with a Flanger I added the LFO linked to the Amount of the flanger. Result sounded great! Way better than having boring steady sounds (well, it depends of course).

Anyone have more tips on how to make sounds sounding more natural with the LFO device?

Done similar but usually automating the Frequency of the Random LFO. One thing that has been requested, to give you more flexibility and sometimes more natural sound is an Inertia setting for the LFO on Random mode, so you don’t always get sudden changes, but can set it to slide from one to the other.

I did massive amounts of this and other crazy LFO/Hydra madness connected to about 90% of all possible parameters on this track a good while back:

I might be able to fish out the xrns, but I’d have to go back and replace some VST stuff with samples. It was really just a couple synths generating some modulated noise. Everything else is native effects.