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Does it possible in Renoise to change (correct) velocity curve values of the MIDI data (notes) what come from the MIDI device (keyboard)? May be there is a scripting tool or something else?..
I found on the internets© a “MIDI velocity curve changer” but it cannot save the curve (it seems so) and requires an additional virtual MIDI router (MIDI Yoke?) to pass thru the newly generated data.

What do you mean by “correct”?
Renoise offers 0-0x7F velocity values which are 0 to 127 (as is the standard) so these are 1:1 translated.

Something what can set an user defined (not linear) conversion table between input and output velocity values.

yes, I think that a scripting tool could do that. A one-shot LFO with custom wave should be used to map the input values to the output ones

Maybe this could even be done without a tool but simply with a scheme like this:

Input *Instrument MIDI Control => One Shot LFO => Output *Instrument MIDI Control

but I’m not sure about that

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Easiest I know of is: Velocity Tracker => Gainer
you can instantly pick the curve you want, in the vel. tracker, and you probably want to set the ‘max’ to 25%

velocity and volume are not the same thing, as the sound can change dramatically with velocity, while volume is simply a multiplicator of output (think for example of multilayered instruments)

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Aha okay, i’m sorry, does your midi device not allow you to set a velocity curve from the device itself? You might find some use with the Velocity tracker to translate values to specific curves (Use the scaler dropdown to set the curve type)

I see that, but I didn’t know TS wanted to use the velocity curve to route to another MIDI instrument…

Thanks for advices.
The story what is behind of this is simple:
I wanna buy a CME Z-Key keyboard. It suites me best of all except one thing - people say, what it has a nightmarish response (preset velocity curves do not help much - it is or too loud, or too soft).
By the way, the keyboard has a custom, individual Zenith keys - maybe it can be tuned somehow manually. If not, I’ll search a workaround to bypass this problem thru software.

@micha: just send your keyboard MIDI to some application that can easily change the velocity, and then send MIDI from that application to Renoise.
In this way, you are not limited to using your custom velocity curve just with Renoise

Try searching google for the terms “midi velocity response curve”, I’m sure something useful will turn up.

Edit: found this one, looks promising:

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