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the death rate of pets dying in kennels and at veterinaries because of people who lacked 100% care is 20.000.000 according an estimation for the usa alone in one year. People from the dark ages couldn’t possibly achieve such a number if they wanted to. Seems we’re stuck in a time much darker than the dark ages.

Nice one for making this topic…i will be watching these bad boi’s for a lot of lunchtimes to come…

EDIT: “Life in the Undergrowth” is an amazing DVD too.

This one is creepy and beautiful in one…
power to the fungus!

Wow. Just… fucking… wow. Johann, you just lost all my fucking respect.

Turns out cats evolved to emulate human baby cries … is it possible it’s a symbiotic relationship? Naw… it’s gotta be fucking slavery. There’s no way a cat would have evolved to live in harmony with humans. NO FUCKING WAY. IT’S FUCKING SLAVERY MAN. SYMBIOSIS DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST. WE SHOULD JUST IMPALE ALL THE ASSHOLES TAKING IN STRAY CATS AND LET THE CATS FEAST ON THEIR BLOOD.

Of course the other type exist… but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re just releasing them into the wild so they can die horrible deaths anyway. There’s no fucking accountability… they don’t know what diseases these animals might have, or how it will affect the ecosystem… I love how you turn it around and make me seem like a monster though.


And if you don’t think I think all that’s fucking evil, then you sure as fuck read a lot into my post. Everything I wrote, aside from perhaps the cure for AIDS thing, was in defense of animals… but obviously you’re just too fucking dense to realize it. Fuck you, man… fuck you.

Again, I’m sorry, but we happen to be an omnivorous species. Making a young child feel existentially guilty because they eat meat, AS THEY’VE EVOLVED TO DO, is fucking despicable and you know it. Vegetarianism should be a choice come to through self discovery, not through bullying and guilt tripping kids who don’t even have a chance to make a well informed decision. That’s the kinda shit religion does, and it’s plain fucking WRONG. EVERY one of my vegetarian and vegan friends despise PETA for these practices.

Of course you’d go here. So we tortured a shitload of people and got some medical data, which OBVIOULSY PROVES that medical testing is wrong. facepalm

Except when you realize that 90% of the shit they figured out probably could have been found out in a more humane way which didn’t involve torture. Of course, it’s just easier to equate testing with torture, right? Serves your purpose more? <_<

Again, I never fucking said animal testing was right… but yanno, lets just ignore the fact that we’ve found just as many cures for animal diseases as human diseases through animal testing. If there was ever an instance where human testing would prove more effective than animal testing to cure an animal disease, I’m sure they’d rely on it too. Oh wait, you don’t realize that theres’s a such thing as human testing? Yah… it’s been around just as long as animal testing. Granted, the humans get payed to do it. I should state however, that I still think 99% of animal testing is plain fucking wrong, as the VAST MAJORITY of it is cosmetics testing… but that doesn’t detract from the fact that in some instances it’s highly beneficial to both humanity AND the animal kingdom. If we were to cure cancer tomorrow, it would not only benefit us, but animals as well. Ignoring that fact is … well… ignorance.

Oh that’s been well established… and for the most part, we take irregardless of need. But it turns out there are some things which are actually of great importance to us, and other animals… and if we’re gonna take ANYTHING, that should probably be what we take. Lets stop taking all the shit we don’t need, and only take what we ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NEED.

Godwin’s law… Really? I THOUGHT you were more mature than that. I guess I was wrong.

That’s a logical fallacy. It first of all presumes that all animal testing equates to torture. Even though most of it probably does, there is a subset of that which does not. This would be the “humane” portion. You don’t have to abuse an animal to find out how a safe dose of aspirin affects it. You don’t have to abuse an animal to see if an antibiotic kills the inert bacteria in its stomach. You don’t have to abuse an animal to try to cure it of cancer it naturally contracted. Striving to make “testing” not equate to “torture” is a good goal, imho, and if you think it’s not, you’re pretty fucked up.

The other reason it’s a logical fallacy is again, precisely because it replaces the word “testing” with the word “torture”… of course we would never try to make torture more humane… but the purpose of testing is not torture… and the purpose of torture is not testing. Torture is plainly what one does when one is TRYING to inflict pain on someone else. Now, unless the testing involves pain to the animal, I don’t think you can qualify it as torture. When you take the “abuse” away from child abuse, it’s no longer child abuse… when you take the “sex without consent” away from rape, it’s no longer rape. When you take away the torture from testing, it’s still testing.

Either way, you obviously think I’m evil now because I oppose the blatant hypocrisy of an organization that claims to be working for the rights of animals, when plainly they cause more animal abuse than most people on this planet. If that’s what you want to believe, then go ahead and believe it. It won’t change the fact that a life-long animal lover (and animal!) who’s genuinely concerned for the rights of animals. No amount of bullying or guilt tripping will make me side with these assholes though.

Real mature asshole. Fuck you. I didn’t call you a heartless fuck… why you feel the need to throw shit like that at me is beyond me. Go fuck yourself.

Yes, because I was so obviously condoning all the negative shit that’s done to animals. OBVIOUSLY. Fuck man… you have no fucking clue. Fuck you. You can go to hell.

These pictures were taken by a photojournalist shortly after PETA employees Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook were arrested in June 2005, for allegedly killing 31 adoptable animals and tossing their bodies into a trash dumpster. The photos show the inside of PETA’s van; the tackle-box “death kit” (complete with syringes and lethal drugs); the trash dumpster where the dead animals were found; and several animals buried the next morning by local authorities.

And now for some PETA-kills! Yes, PETA killed these perfectly healthy dogs … dogs which JUST NARROWLY AVERTED A LIFETIME OF ZOMGSLAVERY BY EVIL FAMILIES WITH HYPERACTIVE KIDDIES:

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Just a little side note on the thing I saw yesterday:
cats are psychopaths in their own nature - that’s why I like them so much ;)
and now humans want to cure them for that :angry:

kill the kiddies, lock the families, nourish the beast! :lol:

About time, too. I need your respect like I need a hole in the head :lol:

Uhm. That’s cats. Newsflash: that’s not all. I did not say symbiosis doesn’t exist - I’m just saying slavery does. You on the other hand seemed to say slavery does not exist first by putting it into quotes and now by citing cats as an example? Uhhh.


that’s contrary to the people knowing FULL WELL they’re torturing animals for financial gain (or actually just because it’s a habit academia hasn’t dropped yet).

And you know, I can live with that. If these animals weren’t locked up, nobody could do any damage by nilly-willy releasing them.

I’m not against eating meat. I’m against locking animals up, perching them together, feeding them their deceased relatives and other garbage.

You cannot possibly equate that with “eating meat”.

Same goes for the end of segregation or womens suffrage… newsflash, it’s not how the world works. Animals can’t defend themselves, so humans have to take that job.

ehmm, in the majority of cases it is. vivisection anyone? you wouldn’t believe the sick shit that is put upon animals RIGHT NOW - not to find cures for diseases, just out of curiosity.

Also, what “purpose”? It makes me cringe, and it makes me angry. I guess my purpose is the need to be able to look into the mirror, and to have people around me that don’t make me puke.

You know what? I don’t think that 1% would be worth it. Nature has a fine, fine way of curing diseases. It’s called death. It’s called selection.

We could happily go on poisining ourselves and then curing the resulting cancer? That would suck. And that’s from someone who already had skin cancer, and the bad kind, too.

And the only way that will come about is by pressure. By ugly, nasty things. By outright violence. I condone it with all of my heart.

… is not a law, but a stupid fucking intarwebs meme.

Then pay more attention.

I wasn’t just refering to testing, but the whole thing. I don’t think unlimited supply of “food and attention” is what animals want or need, they just need to be left alone. I mean, just think of dogs, something that wouldn’t even exist normally. And most of them are pretty fucked up. I know a dog who is always hungry because it was bred that way, for hunting. It would eat itself to death if you would let it. That’s pretty sad, and yeah, I think it’s better to eradicate that altogether than find some “symbiosis”. As much as I love that dog.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure your argumemts were also brought up as arguments for actual slavery – “but some slaves LOVE their masters, it’s a symbiosis! some masters really take good care of their property”.

Doesn’t change a thing for me.

Yeah, stuff like vivisection on birds because we wanna know why and how they sing. Crucial things like that. Shampoo that doesn’t sting when you’re too fucking stupid to close your eyes while using it. That’s not torture, that’s worse. It’s adding insult to injury.

Yes. To achieve a goal. To find something out. I know that’s not the intent of testing, but that’s the practice of it. That’s the effective result. Unimaginable amounts of pain and fear, very little results in comparison. All in all, medicine did NOT make great leaps because of testing, and if you claim that, you’re gonna have to start quoting source or something.

Okay, good point there. It’s just not the situation we have, and nowhere near it.

And if we ever get near it, it’s because some psycho nuts made it VERY, VERY uncomfortable and expensive to not go there.

If you’re too stupid to see the hypocrisy of, and the inherent, unavoidable problems with using violence in an attempt to end violence, then you’re not even worth having this conversation with.

I like watching documentaries on the reproduction of human-beings.

Wait… what? You’re against owning pets, but you’re not against eating meat? WTF?

That aside, the PETA ads targeted at kids are definitely trying to get them to stop eating meat, and don’t at all address farming practices. Particularly of note is their sea-kittens campaign, which likens eating fish to eating cute little kittens. It primarily targets fishing, not fish farming.

PETA comes crawling from Satan’s left nutsack. The bio-industry’s from the right nutsack. I guess that makes us Satan.

I just don’t take kindly to personal attacks Kaneel. I didn’t get personal with him, but then he starts throwing insults around and starts implying that I’m a heartless bastard… I’m not just going to ignore that shit.

Kaneel, if someone started bashing you in a thread, I’m sure you’d be hurt, and most likely reply.

Oh yeah, but expecting it to come out of “self-discovery” ain’t stupid AT ALL.

I wonder why people stopped wearing furs? Because they were scared not to. Fuck non-violence, I never subscribed to that. Do you know how skinheads are stopped? NOT by promoting peace and understanding and opening another soccer club… young, violent punks and turks bash their skulls in. As they should.

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That’s cute! Where is it from?

It’s from the heart…dude

giggle ^_^

Seriously though, that is a lovely little poem that I want to use as lyrics for a track, if thou does not mind