Navigate In The Explorer Using Keyboard Letters

Navigate in the explorer using keyboard letters:

example :

when you push B you select the the first sample whose filename begin with B
as it work in windows or ubuntu, and then you can navigate with the arrow key.

I think this feature is missing because I’m so used to it in my OS that everytime I using renoise explorer I push a keyboard letter and feel surprise nothing happen until I remember it’s not implemented.

would be also great to implement the possibility of resizing the explorer and instrument windows. Too small in my opinion when you create a drumkit for example, but perfect size when you play.

Sorry, can be details for a lot of people but little details make bigs changes sometimes. In my opinion this will improve my "productivity"without loose accuracy or quality more than any kind of automatic beatslicers.

one more time sorry for my poor english, I hope it’s “understandable”

yes, I would find this very useful. I also thought about this lots of times

Yeah! Thought about this many times too!

Right now you can always, where ever the focus is play notes via the a+z keys. Thats kind of hardcoded into the keyboard scheme thus not easily changed.

Also I like that behaviour. Are you guys sure that you would not be confused if you could not play notes anymore depending on where the focus is on?

In the DiskBrowser example this would mean that you have to unset the focus first to be able to play the just loaded sample.

what about using a modifier such as LSHIFT for this behaviour?

when focus is in Disk Explorer:
Q = plays C note
LSHIFT+Q = goes to letter Q


Aka, no one except those who have read this topic will ever be able to use/know about this feature.
Don’t really like that.

Oof! This would be quite annoying!

I don’t like the diskbrowser as it is now anyways, it’s functional no doubt, but to frigging small imo. I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated window like the instrument, sample editor or mixer page especially dedicated to filehandling & browsing.

That way, having focus on it, it would be more logical that you can’t play notes at the same time but use the keys for browsing.

a last try: the already requested implemented diskop searchbar could autoselect the first file/folder matching its criteria.

or if it would behave just exactly as the DSP effects searchbar it would be more than enough

what do you mean ‘requested diskop searchbar’ , it’s already there!? Press the magnifyingt glass icon. Or do you mean for the searchfield to the left?

woops! I meant the already implemented searchbar… really :rolleyes:

with “the same behaviour of DSP searchbar” I meant the ability to give it the focus with LCTRL(+LSHIFT)+TAB.

as of now, the diskop searchbar cannot be focused without the mouse.

woah what, I didn’t even see/use that search icon yet, nice!