Navigating patterns with mouse clicks

I’ve only just descovered Renoise. It looks like it could be just the upgrade from Modplug that I’ve been waiting for. I only had about 20 mins to play with it last night, so it could be in there somewhere but…how do I change the preferences so that when I left click on a channel or row the cursor jumps straight there and centers? It used to be called Mouse 2 in OctaMED. I fully intend to register if this program does the things I want, and so I guess I could request this feature, but it’s essential to my happiness. There’s no better way to move around the block/channels IMO.
Also, I’m well up for running FM7 alongside this baby. Anyone had any joy/problems with this? Can you use controllers to modify stuff in FM7. I ask all this cos I’m at work and I cant find out for myself for about 4 hours!

Thanks for any info.


press with the right mouse on a track and the track will be selected
vsti’s can currently be automated via the *midiccdevice (you’ll find it in the dspeffectlist), but 1.2 will have a more comfortable *vstiautomatedevice where you can select the parameters directly (not via cc’s)

But we’ll still have the midiccdevice in Renoise 1.2, right?
Also, would track envelopes be supported with the vstiautomatedevice?

yes / yes

Thanks for the info, but right-clicking doesn’t move the cursor at all, does it?

The line numbers being in hex is a bit of a shame too, as I use ‘blocks’ of 256 lines. Also I can’t seem to ‘Range’ (highlight) notes for dragging/copying/deleting. Don’t tell me I have to sacrifice this functionallity for the nice VSTI support?

I didn’t mean to come on here and moan about it, in fact I’ve hardly even played with it yet. I’ll come back later…

  1. I can’t seem to copy and paste info from track to track. Is that possible?
    I tried Control C and Control V, doesn’t seem to work?

Cutting/copying/pasting is assigned to KEY+F3/F4/F5 respectively,
where KEY=ctrl for patterns, KEY=alt for blocks and KEY=shift for tracks.

So the answer to 1) is: shift+f4 to copy a track, shift+f5 to paste a track.
In addition, ctrl+C/V/X works on blocks, ie the highlighted selection.
To select a block, move the edit cursor to where you want to select from,
press ctrl+B to begin the selection, move the cursor and press ctrl+E to
end the selection. Version 1.2 will also have mouse selection.

  1. Is there any difference between the demo and the regular program?
    See the registration page. Most important ASIO support and wav rendering.
  1. Can you automate a range of notes in a track, other than by coding it?
    I don’t understand your question? Can you explain more?
  1. Can Envelopes work with a range of notes, not the whole track.

And please read through the manual for more details.

I am not sure if skin support will be implemented already. I have a sneaky feeling that it takes a bit longer to do <_<

indeed. this will take a bit longer. there is still a lot of work to do to support that kind of skinning. but when we are finished, you should be able to define a free-form skins… still brainstorming about how to handle it best.

Then shift c.

No, not shift+c or shift+v. Read my post again, it says ctrl, not shift.

Shift+F3 = cut track
Shift+F4 = copy track
Shift+F5 = paste track

Alt+F3 = cut block
Alt+F4 = copy block
Alt+F5 = paste block

Ctrl+X = cut block
Ctrl+C = copy block
Ctrl+V = paste block

Ctrl+F3 = cut pattern
Ctrl+F4 = copy pattern
Ctrl+F5 = paste pattern

Ctrl+B = begin block selection
Ctrl+E = end block selection

Is it possible to copy the first 20 lines in a track, and paste it into the same track, further down in the track? I can get it to copy from track to track, but not within the same track. You don’t have to enter in all notes for 60 lines do you?


like martinal said:

Ctrl+B = begin block selection (line 00)
Ctrl+E = end block selection (line 20 in the same track)

Ctrl+X = cut block
Ctrl+C = copy block
Ctrl+V = paste block

Some more on this copying…

I havent managed to copy pattern and automated envelopes with it.
Only the pattern data gets copied. Is there a way to copy everything ?

seems to be a bug introduced with 1.26

it should copy everything

I still agree with myself. It’s been six months now and I haven’t touched renoise since that day. I’m gona download it again tonight. I like to be able to click a cell in a track, have the cursor jump to that position and center the screen, then (WITH THE MOUSE) range (highlight) down a few lines, press ctrl-c, scroll down to line 224ish with the mouse wheel, click line 224 and have cursor sit right in it, ctrl-v to paste. That’s how i currently work, and i luv it.
OK, if the copy/paste has been assign to f-keys, fair enough, i cud get used to that. And how about dragging ranges about? Will I have patterns of 256 lines in lenght? Will they be numbered in HEX?! Or will I be using MPT for another 6 months? I’m just stubbon innit it. Either, I like fuilly customisable keyboard shortcuts, or for a program to work according to my logic. Can Renoise accommodate me? I will stop typing now and get on with some work…
I can hardly wait!


It’s been six months now and I haven’t touched renoise since that day.

That’s the safest way to never get used to a program…

You can select blocks by dragging. But not position the cursor.

OK, if the copy/paste has been assign to f-keys,
fair enough, i cud get used to that.

Ctrl+xcv as in usual windows programs for copying selected blocks.

And how about dragging ranges about?

You can’t. Yet.

Will I have patterns of 256 lines in lenght?

512 is the current max, which is about to be removed completely.

Will they be numbered in HEX?!

Optional, as always.

Or will I be using MPT for another 6 months?

That’s up to you…

Either, I like fuilly customisable keyboard shortcuts,

Which renoise has since 1.2…

Perhaps you could try testing the program a bit before you critizise every detail? Because most your problems here does not apply to Renoise… :unsure:

just to add my RTFM signature here… <_<


Whups! Sorry guys I didn’t mean to upset. I’m at work, you see. And bored…

I’ll be testing all these things and more when I get home. I will be flexible in my working methods because modplug IS dead and this prog has the most to offer of all that I’ve looked at. I know I shouldn’t have bothered posting prior to trying it. Forgive me.

One thing I have noticed since reading this forum is the close relationship between the developers & the users, which is great. Prompt responses too. Nice one.

I’m interested in the lines per pattern issue you mentioned. Will there be 256 available in future releases?

Thanks for your time.