Necro Soulid-Xanecks

Hello, I have been messing with Renoise lately, and this is my latest song. It’s still a work in progress, so feedback will be apprecieated and applied!
I was formerly known as Lyncaster, but I decided Necro Soulidous fit my personality and music more. So ENJOY!

I’m 14, and I make either Minimal Progressive Tech House, or Ambient Dubstep.
Anyway, if you like, please follow, and I’ll check you out(:

I think you track is really good and especially like the dub influence. The melodies are nice and work well with the bass. Your kick drum is heavy and the bass in the second half is great. Good job!! Not sure about the name, I think the old one sounded better.

Im still iffy on the name…
but i dont need to change it too much, so ill think ill keep it at Necro Soulid.
but thanks on the feedback, im still working om the song, ill have it uploaded by friday- saturday…