Necropolitan EP

Hey. These are three old songs, one of which has been redone with some sloppy guitar playing, two of which some of you may have heard before and which have now been re-uploaded. These are some of my own favourites of all the songs I’ve made, but they didn’t rock anyone’s world last time round.

I’d like to make an album’s worth of stuff like this at some point, perhaps with a rapper and a singer. So far, it’s all instrumental stuff.

Please let me know what you think. The songs have not been mastered professionally, but I might go and bother Sinjay/Christian Indregård again, to get them to sound more uniform and coherent.

Thank you for listening (possibly)!

Individual songs:

EDIT: the topmost soundcloud widget appears to display only one track, which is why I’ve added all three tracks separately.

I’ve always enjoyed your style. I would dig a Wrong album.

These tracks seem a little more laid back compared to some of the bangers of yours that I’ve heard. They’re mighty rad though, and just because they’re a little less energetic doesn’t mean they’re not just as well done.

If you’re looking for an emcee, my pal Emcee Eats might be a fun soul to collab with. And if you need some guitar anywhere, just let me know what you want and where you want it.

EDIT: was testing soundcloud compability with this forum. It did not go well.

It autoadvances to the next track (new layout is not applied in the embedding), but yeah, would be nice if the playlist would also be visible…
We depend on the IPBboard plugins to be updated for that though.

Btw, these songs sound a lot better than your former release… (A lot milder on the side-chain)

Thanks for the information and for your comments. These songs are actually very straightforwardly produced: no sidechaining, hardly any send tracks used (one or two at the most, and very lightly), no complex FX chains. Just some subtle LFOing of some synth controls and some light mixing eq-ing, compression and mastering. I like that kind of ruffness.