Many Renoisers have a past in the Demoscene… and I am one of those.
I have found that Nectarine Radio was playing one very old Amiga MOD made by me some thousands of years ago. That made me encode some other 20 tracks for them to broadcast (and for you to select if you have a taste for “oldschool”)

I felt so good about the Demoscene spirit surviving and spreading that I made a jingle for them and a logo too :lol:
If you want to listen, here is the JINGLE

and this is the logo:

Edit: oh… I forgot… Nectarine Radio is a stream you can receive and decode with any Winamp. The website is called
and here is a direct link to my tracks on their database
( you have to register to be able to enqueue tracks in Nectarine’s interactive playlist )

I just love it ! :)

Sounds really good !

if you preferr even more oldschool music stuff try kohina

NECTARINE ruleeeeeessss…

no-error and rule toooo :P

c= inspired :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The correct URL seems to be

;) The dotcom version seems to go to some kind of fishtrap with a commercial link swarm…


Heard the “Shadow Of The Beast” themetune there recently, and lots of other nostalgic David Whittaker, Chris Hülsbeck, Tim White mods etc.

Awesome. :yeah:

GOSH! :ph34r:
Link corrected :P Thanks…