Need A Job? Now Hiring: Web Professionals (Great Opportunity To Work O

Hopefully the board will forgive me for posting a job hiring opportunity? :)

I’d love to have a renoiser on our team.

I’m looking for local web developers in USA MI with tons of experience and oldschool prowress on LAMP stack residing on AWS (we’re using 6 instances and growing).

Experience required:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • SQL (MySQL preferably)
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS (3 is nice but not necessary)
  • JavaScript (jQuery a huge plus)

Ideal candidate has 4+ years of web development experience (both front and back end), and has mastery over the entire web development pipeline (concept to completion).

Let me know if you’re interested. Great salary, great benefits, working daily on challenging web projects.

PM if interested!

Bingham Farms MI, USA relocation is available to USA residents for the right fit.


Company is: and - I’m the Chief Architect there.

Is this also available for non US residents? I’m in Germany. Profile would match very well, I wrote my first CGI script in 1995. :)

“I’m looking for local web developers in USA MI” ;)

I saw this, but I thought this means “no home office/communication via internet”. When I move there, I’m local, ain’t I? I’m willing to move. ;)

Move globally, work locally… :D

Some people simply don’t like promoting or firing their employees through email or text messaging.

Yeah :lol: it might sound weird, but anyway (no offence taken): Can’t see what’s wrong with applying for a job overseas. Really nothing special here.

And even if grymmjack’s company asks for locals in the first place, maybe they didn’t even think about someone from Europe might be interested. I’m sure there will be a professional answer to a professional question. I guess I should have used PM from the very beginning…

Hi guys :)

f+d+k I am interested to learn more about you, can you send me a resume to

I put USA MI since that’s the destination :) We have a few remote people already but want this developer to be in house (within shouting distance :)

Sure. I’m off over the weekend for a music session, showing a friend the bliss of renoise, hehe, but after this I’ll quickly translate my resume. You’ll receive the business stuff on Tuesday (or maybe late Monday evening your timezone)
Cheers, f

I didn’t wanted to say i told you so… :P

Yeah, and in fact - you didn’t tell me so. :P