Need advice: Renoise + Roland MX1 + Roland TR8S + Behringer TD3

I want Renoise to sequence my hardware, but i am totally lost on how to do that and i hope someone can help me.

For example: i want to create a pattern in renoise and i want it to play the BD channel of my TR8S.
The TR8S is connected to the USB-1 port of my MX-1 and i am able to select that in midi in/out settings in Renoise.

I have tried about every setting in Renoise but i can’t get any sound of my TR8S.
My MX-1 is set to External Mixing mode already, but i can’t figure out the next steps.
I can see every port of my MX1 as input/output device (f.e. mx-1 to mx usb1/4). I cannot see/assign the tr8s directly but that is should be mx1 usb-1 right?

→ My audio device in Renoise is set to Asio / asio4all v2 → is that correct?
→ Should i change anything in general midi preferences? In device A is set to my MPK mini3, Midi clock master/slave are set to none
→ Should i change some more setting on the MX-1?
→ Should i change some more setting on the TR8S?