Need Audio Capture Programme

as the title states i’m in need of something that will allow me to record the output of my soundcard so i can rip the audio from whatever is playing in my pc/web browser/ game - whatever audio i can get out of my pc basically - i know there is an ace app on the mac for this but all i’ve found so far for pc is some shit freecorder toolbar plugin that dont work proper in firefox 3 and is probs spyware anyway…

needs to work with external soundcards(or be able to choose from selection)
be windows compatible
be free (or very cheap)

there must be loads around tho so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance helpful renoise forum people

EDIT - probably should be ‘program’ in the title

i have audacity but i cant get it to record form my browser - any ideas?

You could try Soundflower.

I use Jack just because it seems more flexible for my needs.

^ sorry no good needs to be windows

sorry about that

well after a quick google i found out some stuff that may help you get it running on windows


hey - thanks for that grame link - i’ve been using jack on linux for a while and wanted to try it in windows - so now i have - dunno what i’ll do with it yet but hopefully should be able to do what i need for this threads question - thanks again

EDIT - damn, cant figure out how toget the audio from firefox into jack so still no good - anyone know how to do this?

ah ha - found a way to do it with audacity - just had to set ‘wave out mix’ as the recording source in the volume control and use the internal pc soundcard whilst recording - well might work with usb card but having spent about 2 hours on this tonite i cant be bothered to try - still well happy i’ve got jack on windows!

Another program, which even works on a driver level is Total Recorder. I’ve stumbled about something similar for free in the past, but can’t remember the name of the damn thing. :)